Dolly Parton Debuts New Song To Accompany Fragrance Launch

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In all she does, Dolly Parton goes above and beyond.  The country music legend did much more than talk about the dire situation of the pandemic.  She opened up her purse strings and provided a million tangible reasons to hold on to hope and bring the end of the siege to reality.  Parton became a radiant beam of light from her Tennessee basement, reminding the world that a time “When Life Is Good Again” was on the horizon.  Despite Dolly Parton’s marvelous example as a vaccine ambassador, she can only do so much to admonish folks not to be “chicken squats,” to borrow her words, and “get the shot,” particularly as new surges rise under variant strains.

Even so, the songwriting marvel sees her gift of music as her primary means of being the “God-Light” that she feels called to be.  She sees the same light in others, and her new song, “Sent From Above,” inspires listeners to appreciate and maintain the divine connection of love, with the Creator and one another, as a Good Morning America profile conveys.  The bubbly and heartfelt tune coincides with the release of Dolly Parton’s first-ever fragrance, her perfume, “Scent From Above,” widely available as of today.  Parton describes the song as “the theme” to the namesake scent– save for one letter, as noted by MSN per ET Canada.

Dolly Parton balances dozens of projects on her very full plate of life.  Still, finally offering the essence of herself within a lovely, butterfly-topped bottle indeed seems to fulfill yet another dream for the 75-year-old ageless dynamo of energy and creativity.  The artist who dubs herself “Backwoods Barbie,” longing for the image of beauty she craved as a child, now celebrates her signature aroma coming from everyone around her.

‘Sent From Above’ sounds a little different, but it’s still Dolly

Instantly, long-time Dolly Parton fans and hear that “Sent From Above” is markedly a departure from “My Tennessee Mountain Home.”  The EDM-flavored track takes tinges of Auto-Tune layering, but its message of heartfelt love and pure positivity come straight from Dolly’s heart.

“It’s you I go to/The one I talk to/’Cause you know how to restore my faith,” Dolly Parton opens the affirming verses.  As she often does, she seems to address her words directly to God, and then move to other facets of love and faith.

“I’ve been through hell to find this heaven that I believe will last,” the songwriter asserts in the next verse.  The lyrics that follow assure that “I know you’re with me.”  The assurance of that presence and love applies to divine realms and distinctly human ones, such as a parent to a child, a departed mate, or any kindred connection to another heart.  The Dolly Parton realm of love is universal.

So, what does Dolly Parton smell like?

As it happens, Dolly Parton actually encourages Carly Pearce to take a sniff of “Scent From Above” on the country music queen’s neck during Dolly’s surprise invitation to the Grand Ole Opry for the “I Hope You’re Happy Now” singer.  Carly declines for her own reasons, as Country Music Alley verifies. But still receives the personally presented treasure of her own bottle from Dolly.

Most fans only dream of being so near to Dolly Parton.  Certainly, a few sprays of “Scent From Above” is the next best thing.  As a child, Parton lived and played in her own natural environment of the Smoky Mountains.  The natural world echoes in notes of jasmine, vanilla, mandarin, peony blossom, patchouli, and sandalwood.   The combination fragrance literally “took years” to get just right.  Dolly mixes together several fragrance sources for her personal concoction, not just one signature smell.  “Scent From Above” easily goes from day to evening. It lasts without becoming overpowering.

Dolly Parton’s beauty regimen depends on a few well-known, time-tested stalwarts.  Over her time-tested reign in country music, she learned that a song and a fragrance both have the power of leaving impressions and “cherished memories.” She hopes that people will “feel special” anytime they wear her fragrance.  Furthermore, the entrepreneur-artist elaborates that she hopes her fragrance “transports you to a place where everything is possible,” including flowers that “blossom with rhinestone hearts and playful butterflies.” That’s one tall order, but at least everyone gets one lasting butterfly on every bottle.

Always a better person

More than simply an aroma, Dolly Parton declares that a lifetime of living and memories pours into the bottles of “Scent From Above.”  She remains unapologetic in her hopes that every time someone wears it, they remember her and those divine connections.

Consistently, Dolly Parton’s message to the world remains the same. “Whether you’re religious or not, always aim to be the better person,” the singer explains during a sitdown from Dollywood on GMA. She insists that anyone can “draw on that higher wisdom” that she learned as a child.  “I just try to bring a little sunshine where I can,” the unparalleled Parton says.  For now, that sunshine smells wonderful and comes in shades of pink.

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