Dolly Parton Never Takes Kindly To Tardiness

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Country music queen and songwriting wonder Dolly Parton continuously credits her hardscrabble upbringing in Sevier County, Tennessee with lasting values and lessons she carries to this day.  The “Coat of Many Colors” artist transforms a box of rags from neighbors into her timeless emblem of love, faith, and empathy within the timeless ballad.  Although her family had little in terms of worldly wealth, they held treasures of deepest value in courage, unity, along with unfaltering hope and hard work.

Dolly Parton refuses to claim herself as the most talented member of the Parton clan.  Instead, she derives her musical talent and spiritual intuitiveness from her mother, Avie Lee, who has a splendid floral tribute to her honor at Dollywood this season.  In contrast, the daughter deems her father “the smartest man I ever knew,” who was always ready to strike a shrewd business deal for his family. Robert Lee Parton even barters for Dolly Rebecca’s birth.  Still, Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library stands and flourishes as if Dolly’s tribute to the man who never learned to read but now inspires readers around the world in delivering books straight to the family mailbox.

Punctuality is a big part of any business or professional success, as Dolly Parton or her dad certainly attest.  Every second matters in the boardroom, where crucial signatures land on dotted lines.  Dolly Parton is renowned for driving hard bargains, so never expect to land on the superstar’s good side by showing up late, as a Yahoo News feature verifies.

On-time is already late for Dolly Parton

No pandemic hero drawn from fiction matches the genuine, true-life compassion of Dolly Parton.  Seemingly, the luminous Parton forgives any fault or misstep.  Nonetheless, she isn’t shy about sharing that “people being late” is a particular peeve.

“I hate if you’re at a meeting and waiting on somebody,” Dolly Parton comments without hesitation in a 2011 Parade interview.  “I’m the most prompt person,” the 9 to 5 composer asserts.  “Everybody says that if I’m on time, I’m late,” Dolly concludes.

Just to confirm the authenticity of Dolly Parton’s own words, in the 2016 Parade got it straight from the original interviewer’s mouth.  Thelma Adams, the author and film critic, gave high praise to Dolly Parton and her Southern hospitality.  “I loved interviewing Dolly Parton,” Adams lauded.  The serious author noted that Dolly “actually always called early.”  “She had the best manners,” Thelma raves, and gets kudos for being “totally in the moment” and “down to earth.”  Every Dolly Parton fan echoes the same sentiments.

Dolly relates to every person’s situation

Even though Dolly Parton doesn’t think much of selfishly keeping anyone waiting, the “When Life Is Good Again” singer possesses “the gift of understanding,” as the artist describes in a Showbiz CheatSheet profile.  From her audiences to unplanned encounters with everyday admirers, Dolly knows how to put every heart at ease, much like the music she’s created over almost six decades.

“I’ve always been able to talk with people that had a problem,”  Dolly Parton admits.  Not even Dolly has lived through every human experience, but she possesses a unique insight and relatability that aims straight for the heart.  “There’s nothing that shocks me,” Parton candidly reveals. “I don’t care how dirty, how bad, how clean, how good or anything..” in the revelations that come to her.   The gifted Parton’s personal hardships and experiences bring understanding that “there’s reasons for all things, and I accept it that way.”

Not surprisingly, Dolly Parton developed her gifts for inclusion and acceptance of diverse personalities by growing up with a huge family circle.  Besides her own parents and 11 siblings, her father came from a family of 13, and her mother had 8 siblings.  “There’s ‘bout to be a personality of every kind and problems of every kind in the family,” Parton candidly relates.  Even so, there was an acceptance that everyone was “a good person, basically, no matter what they done,” Dolly Parton details.  This artist places love above judgment in every situation.

Carly Pearce needs a little sniffing grace from Dolly

By now, country music lovers from everywhere celebrate the surprise from the “Next Girl” singer, Carly Pearce, after Dolly Parton lovingly ambushes her onstage.  Pearce is much more than just another task on Parton’s daily “To-Do” list.

Carly performed at Dollywood through her teen years, before making her bold move to Nashville.  The ACM Award-winning singer of “I Hope You’re Happy Now” had no idea that Dolly Parton arrived to invite her to the Grand Ole Opry.  The ploy was that Pearce was present to film a commercial for the cherished theme park.  Her initial thought was that Dolly enters for a surprise cameo.

After breaking the real news, Carly Pearce collapses with emotion, doubled over in joyful tears.  As it happens, Dolly Parton isn’t done with surprises.  She gives Pearce a bottle of “Scent From Above,” her new namesake fragrance.  Carly is delighted until Dolly makes a somewhat intimate request.  Country’s highest lady asks Pearce to take a sniff on her neck, to see how the gift from Dolly smells, as Taste of Country conveys of the encounter.

“I was snotting all over myself,” Pearce confesses, never wanting to besmirch a single ruffle, rhinestone or sequin on Dolly Parton’s outfit.  The two settle for hugs, and Dolly Parton probably completely understands.  Every girl has times when it’s impossible to cry pretty.

Have you ever visited Dollywood or the Grand Ole Opry?  Give a shout in the comments and stay tuned to Country Music Alley for all the latest summer happenings!

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