Keith Urban Goes Cover Boy, Celebrates Another Career Milestone

Keith Urban
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If anyone ever takes on the challenge of counting the many magazine covers featuring the effortless, easy smile and piercing gaze of country music megastar, Keith Urban, the final tally will likely go in the millions, just like the sales and the streams for the “One Too Many” singer, songwriter, and producer.  Stretched end-to-end, the Keith Urban cover publications probably loop the globe several times over his nearly three decades in the professional music industry.

Nonetheless, it’s always a plus for any musician to be picked by Rolling Stone for its prestigious cover, and B & T Magazine announced only days ago that Keith Urban is the face of the sixth issue of Rolling Stone Australia.  Urban’s presence on the most prominent page is solidified proof of his place in music across genres, including his absorbing passion for country and Americana music.  CMT News confirms that his duet with Pink marks his 43rd Top 10 Country Radio Hit.  In his typical fashion, Keith can’t sing enough praises for his musical partner.

Keith Urban looks great in Gucci

Speaking of partners, Mrs. Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman, the Academy Award, and multiple Golden Globe-winning actress, Nicole Kidman, has a splendid knack for sharing precious photos of her husband in darling, candid poses with the family pooch, Julian.  She is also fond of throwback pictures from Keith’s boyhood.  The couple certainly demonstrates that sultry attraction in no way diminishes during the 50s.

While no other photographer gains the same access as his Nine Perfect Strangers star spouse, cover photographer, Tim Ashton, assuredly gets an intense, probing gaze from Keith Urban’s blue eyes.  The “Blue Ain’t Your Color” artist draws from his own closet for style.


Keith Urban sports his own Gucci coat for the cover.  He wears his own jewelry in the openhanded shot, including his wedding band.  Of course, no designer jacket conceals all of Urban’s body art. This artist re-creates his own image of the man in black.

Like the artist himself, there is much more to the depth of the article than the cover.  Keith Urban graciously offered three yet-unreleased songs to managing editor, Poppy Reid.   Reid elaborates that the cover subject is “open, grounded, and curious” throughout the extensive feature.  “He’s the real deal,” the editor insists.  Urban spoke honestly of his personal and professional life, including being on both sides of drug and alcohol abuse.  “Keith is uncharacteristically genre-less,” Reid surmises of the man with 24 Number One country music hits.

In Keith Urban’s view, country music is about family and community.  As he opens himself to more music, more culture, and the diversity potential in his genre, the boundaries are bound to expand.  There’s room for everyone at the table.

Pink gets all the praise from Keith

Talk about good company.  Keith Urban joins the likes of Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, and George Strait with his swingy, poppy tune of sorta-accountability, “One Too Many” with Pink.  The artist now shares fifth-place with Toby Keith, behind Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw, with 58 each, King George Strait with 61, and Alan Jackson with 51.  No worries, Keith has plenty of time to move up the ranks.

As for artists Keith Urban ranks highly, Pink hovers at the top, just like she does in her astounding aerial performances, all while she carries a perfect tune.  Like Urban credits many singers, the “Try” singer is so much more than someone who “knows how to use their voice very well,” like Urban credits many singers.  On the contrary, he asserts that Pink is among the “rare, rare artists who can tell the story when she sings,” even across her varied repertoire.  Keith feels “all the strength, rawness, courage, swagger– all the colors of humanity,” whenever Pink sings.

In turn, “One Too Many” makes the second crossover hit for the iconic pop star.  She and Kenny Chesney took the title seriously with 2016’s “Setting the World on Fire.” It’s a winning bet that Pink And Keith Urban make their way into the studio for further collaboration in the future.

Keith knows the sting of rejection

The Rolling Stone Australia cover comes hot on the heels of Keith Urban’s return to The Voice Australia.  However, the country music hit machine recalls his own brutal rejection in a talent competition at age 9, as he details in a Daily Mail feature.

“It’s still burned in my memory,” Keith Urban explains regarding the memory of TV host Bernard King’s words to “escape mediocrity” and “get out of country and Western music” to explore “real music.”  It’s no wonder why Urban models himself after the supportive, empathetic, and still truthful judge without the soul-piercing barbs.  As for King’s counsel, well, 43 Top Ten’s speak for themselves.

Keith Urban crosses genres and remains in a class by himself.  Keep tuning into Country Music Alley for the latest highlights on Keith and all your favorite country music hitmakers!



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