Keith Urban Gives Wife Nicole Kidman a Sizzling Anniversary Lick

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Country music guitar wizard Keith Urban creates the kind of magic with his songs and his exuberant energy that no fan ever forgets.  He pulls out the kind of licks on his instrument that leave listeners amazed by his artistry.  The “Boy Gets a Truck” artist keeps very busy lately, too.  He just lent his talents and the song to his buddy, Jimmie Allen, for the Bettie James Gold Edition, as Taste of Country notes.  Meanwhile, Keith Urban has a great time with another genre-crossing friend, Breland, on “Out the Cage” and “Throw It Back,” which already racks up over 1 million YouTube views.

When it comes to his stunning bride of 15 years, actress Nicole Kidman, however, Keith Urban has his mind on another kind of passion, and licks, entirely, as AOL per Us Weekly and a Taste of Country video feature clearly verify. The devoted pair (who are also doting parents) surely prove that the romantic fire still blazes brighter than ever.  Being 50+ never means that chemistry is any less fiery.  The Kidman-Urban connection is bound to leave fans and followers yearning for the same love potion!

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman never shy away from PDA

Whether on the red carpet or in captured moments here and there, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban dazzle in the spotlight.  The lovebirds seldom dodge a camera that catches them in the middle of a kiss or caress.  Therefore, it seems perfectly fitting that for their 15th wedding anniversary commemoration, Nicole Kidman aims to seize the unforgettable and this sizzling all at once.

Displaying a torn picture effect, like in a magazine fashion shoot, Nicole Kidman has her head thrown back in ecstasy while Keith Urban boldly slathers her neck with his tongue.  While elegant ruby and diamond earrings and the lavish collar in gold around her neck are visible, Kidman is completely enraptured by her husband’s technique.  Naturally, Keith Urban appears to be in fancy dress, too.  Only the tips of his neck tattoos show amidst his loving lick.

“Happy Anniversary, baby!” Nicole Kidman captions the steamy photo.  The Undoing star and Keith Urban marked their wedding date on June 25.  It’s abundantly evident that the passion is more alive than ever for 53-year-old Keith and 54-year-old Nicole.  Beyond the fire, though, steadfast faith and commitment stand the test of time for the couple.  Kidman openly and candidly credits her husband for literally “carrying” her through grief in the wake of losing her father in 2014.   In turn, she was the stalwart support For Keith Urban in his battle for sobriety.  Urban reflects in a Country Music Alley profile last December how his transition from wanting to be the man he sang about in songs to truly becoming that man began “after I met Nic.” The couple’s joy multiplied exponentially with the birth of Sunday Rose in 2008 and Faith Margaret in 2010.

Some fans are startled by the saucy photo

This year’s anniversary surprise is a sharp departure from last year’s quiet black and white photo of a sweet head-to-head nuzzle between Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban.  While most fans felt the message and the image in a positive light, a few others were not complimentary.

Some remarks take an almost maternal tone.  “Do you have to do that now?” asks one responder.  For the most part, however, fans feel delighted to let Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman being the spicy ambassadors for marvelous middle-age in country music.  Somehow, another comment deems that the affectionate display is “a weird pic.”  On the contrary, for many admirers, the photo is one that they can wish for when midlife arrives.

Keith copies Jagger on retirement

As it happens, one recent photo from Nicole Kidman that fans love shows Keith Urban cozied up with the family’s sweet poodle, Julian.  As Kidman captions, the pup’s forward face is due to the news that his papa is bound for Las Vegas soon to pick up his residency with “Keith Urban Live– Las Vegas” at The Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace.

The sweet little doggie is likely not very happy with Keith Urban’s recent reflections on retirement, either.  In a playful exchange with Cody Alan, as noted by CMT News, Urban playfully declares that when it comes to retirement, he takes his cue from Mick Jagger.

“I will [retire] after he does,” Keith Urban confirms totally tongue-in-cheek.   “Which is never gonna happen.”

No doubt, that assurance has fans dancing for joy, since Urban has at least two more decades before hitting the Rolling Stones’ frontman’s territory.  After wrapping the dates in Vegas,  The “One Too Many” singer sets off to tour Australia in December.

In both his passion for music and his passionate love with Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban has lifetimes yet to give.

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