Mickey Guyton Dishes Juicy Details Of Her One-Night-Only Performance With Prince

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Country music singer-songwriter Mickey Guyton knows that her success is due to more than a decade of displaying all aspects of her talents.  From the endless trail of tiny venues along dusty roads to the Grammy stage and making history, Guyton continues to shine and take a bold platform in advocacy for artists of color and female artists within her genre.  Since taking the stance to sing from her own personal truth, her present and the future transformed for the “Black Like Me” artist.

As Mickey Guyton and her loyal fans await her much-anticipated debut album, Remember Her Name, on September 24, what better time is there than now for the artist to reminisce with a story from her younger days.  When an unfortunate mishap in a parking lot prompts a personalized chauffeur service from a megastar who prefers the color purple, Mickey relates how a once-in-a-lifetime musical memory spontaneously arises, as CMT News and MSN per RADIO.com note.

Mickey Guyton details how a wreck led to a royal rescue

These days, Mickey Guyton savors every second of sweetness with her five-month-old son, Grayson, with hubby, Grant Savoy.  However, her story for CMT’s digital series, I Probably Shouldn’t Tell You This, draws back to her 20s, “when I was all about going to parties and stuff” the singer recalls.

No one is ever happy when an accident happens, but when Mickey Guyton, her “good, beautiful friend” (Lisa), and a few other girls can’t get into their car after leaving a Hollywood club due to an accident or in the parking lot, a call comes for help from a very prestigious beau.  Guyton relates how her friend was “dating Prince,” a.k.a. “Prince, y’all!” in Mickey Guyton’s perfect Texan vernacular.  After making the call, the “Sister” singer describes the arrival of “this big limo” shortly after, and all the ladies piling in the vehicle.   The area that became “basically a crime scene,” as Guyton puts it, leads to an incredible performance.

Mickey doesn’t remember up from down

Incredibly, Mickey Guyton stresses that “The Purple One” himself drove the ladies to his place on Sunset Plaza.  As starstruck as Mickey was over the driver, she was even more in awe of “these white heels” that the musician wore. She gives a delightful, natural snort in relating this detail.  Guyton adds that the Prince footwear “made us the same height.”

Mickey Guyton vividly remembers the “purple suede elevator” as the next mode of transportation.  Understandably, though, the detail-oriented singer doesn’t remember if she went up or down with Prince to be elaborate ballroom, complete with “chandeliers and stuff.”

In the dreamlike experience, Mickey Guyton still sees the Rhodes piano, a drum set, and a microphone in the room.  Early on, Prince lets her know where her talent truly lies.

Drums don’t do it for Mickey or Prince

Notably, Prince was a renowned master musician, able to play virtually any instrument he touched.  Editions of recordings from the Prince Vault allow his estate to release “new” recordings from the music icon each year for decades to come.  The visionary works reach astronomical figures, even today. Naturally, Mickey Guyton makes the most of her memorable experience, but Prince redirects her musical efforts.

“I go to the drums, and I’m trying to play the drums,” Mickey Guyton elaborates.  Gotta give it to the soaring vocalist for the gusto.  Prince teaches by doing.  He takes the drumsticks away, telling Mickey she has no rhythm.  “Which I don’t,” she completely concurs.  At the mic stand, though, the singer makes the best possible selection in song.

With Prince at the Rhodes piano, Mickey Guyton opens with Aretha Franklin’s version of “You Make Me Feel (Like a Natural Woman),” the classic Carole King-Gerry Goffin song that the Queen of Soul inhabited. The man once known only by his symbol graciously chimes in with “hee-hee’s” in harmony.  Nothing seems more fitting for this true-life fantasy with “Prince, Y’all!”

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