A Papa’s Passion In Hot Pink Powers Jimmie Allen In ‘DWTS’ Salsa

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Not every platinum-selling country music artist considers hot pink to be a signature color.  However, not every artist has the enormous energy and huge heart of Jimmie Allen.  For the dynamic, genre-blending singer-songwriter, pink suits him perfectly.  Jimmie Allen and his partner, Emma Slater, not only bring the sizzle to the shade on the Dancing with the Stars dance floor during Week 3 of the competition, they prove that the true fire that fuels this doting dad and husband kindles from home.

Despite the distance from his home doorstep, Jimmie Allen and DWTS viewers delighted in the treat of seeing a princess far more darling than anything conjured on a Disney screen, as confirmed by Taste of Country.  The contender’s toddler daughter, Naomi, offers a tender performance that moves her daddy to tears, and mommy, Alexis, reigns as the queen of Jimmie Allen’s world, even though he and Lexi are massive fans of Britney Spears, the night’s honoree.  While Jimmie progresses in the competition, he urges Lexi to delay the arrival of daughter #3 “any day” as much she possibly can.

As far as preparedness for parenting goes, Jimmie Allen is already set for another decade or so of Disney Princess play, as Country Music Alley conveys in an August feature.  In contrast, Emma has new dance moves “every da@n day,” as her pupil playfully teases in a Yahoo behind-the-scenes peek.  Clearly, the DWTS champion, Slater, draws out something delightful in Jimmie that shines on the dance floor and there is most definitely a purpose in his preference for pink.

Doing it all for precious smiles

“It’s different when you have little ones,” Jimmie Allen vulnerably discloses to Emma in their pre-dance profile.  “You want to provide for them and make them proud.”  The artist further elaborates how “the minute I met my wife, she felt like home to me.” Of course, at the moment, Alexis is home awaiting the imminent arrival of the next baby sister in the family.  Lexi cheered loud and strong for her husband’s Tango debut on DWTS.  The panel of judges rated last week’s Rumba as a high point for the pair, appreciating the effort and the emotion in the performance.

Speaking of emotion, the revelations of Jimmie Allen’s rough years through his youth and the respect yielded in his mother’s resilience were entirely different than the reaction Allen gave his wife and daughter in a virtual visit.  Tender tears flowed, but more from joy than painful reflection.  “Hi, Na!” Allen gushes at this sweet face of 16-month-old, Naomi.  With a little prompting, the darling daughter offers her own back-and-forth, chuga-chuga, skills to impress dad like a little engine that does!  Meanwhile, mom and dad have a moment with their own tears, but Lexi affirms her esteem for Britney Spears as “a queen.”  By the end of the dance, Jimmie Allen makes his own fandom abundantly evident!

Jimmie and Emma feel the flow

Luckily, the salsa dance spices up the repertoire for Jimmie Allen and Emma Slater this week. Per the premise of DWTS, there are still steps and endless practice, practice, practice.  On the plus side, though, Salsa is much more about synchronization and chemistry than the pair’s outings thus far.  Instantaneously, both demonstrate a kismet connection in body movement, and truly seem to enjoy their spirited Latin strut to “Outrageous.”  To be honest, most viewers likely find it difficult to focus on all the footwork when the embraces and eye contact is happening.   Jimmie Allen carries off being perfectly flaunty and flirty with his partner, even pulling off two lifts.


But not every judge does…

Sadly, two judges on this week’s panel fail to value the effort.  Derek Hough is quarantined away from his DWTS seat due to “an abundance of caution” while Cheryl Burke and Cody Rigsby performed from their individual in-home quarantines after testing positive for the virus.  Carrie Ann Inaba got hung up over a fist issue with Jimmie Allen that seemed to preclude all the positive components.  For his part, Len Goodman summed the dance up as “dodgy” and thought the lifts were “out of character” with the dance.  Leave it to the boldest judge, Bruno Tonioli, to speak out on behalf of Jimmie Allen and supply the highest rating so far.

Len and Carrie Ann muster only 6’s.  On the contrary, Bruno jumps in, saying how much “flow” Emma and Jimmie Allen generate “side-by-side” and with every sashay.  “Somebody’s gotta do this,” Tonioli exclaims, presenting his 8.  Cheers and Jimmie’s broad smile reverberate in the ballroom.

As it happens, Tyra Banks uncovers that Jimmie Allen is a Britney fan, going way back.  He declares that he’s been to eight Britney Spears shows.  Chalk up another reason he wanted to make a good showing.

Dad hopes for a delayed delivery

With characteristic humor, the conversation turns to the arrival of Jimmie Allen’s baby daughter.  Without missing a beat, the “Best Shot” artist admits he’s taking his best shot at delaying mother nature for just a few weeks.  “I’m telling her [Lexi] ‘Don’t have it Monday.  Don’t have it Tuesday.  If a foot pokes out, push it back in!’” Unquestionably, though, both parents know babies come on their own timetable, not usually one of convenience.  In any case, Jimmie Allen will move heaven and earth to be present for the birth of another daughter and the blessing of a growing family.

At the end of the night, Jimmie Allen and Emma Slater were the second pair safe to be dancing next week.  Dance practice gets double hard for Jimmie, because Monday is Disney heroes night, while Tuesday deals with Disney villains.  It still makes for double the fun for fans.

Country Music Alley has all the details of Jimmie Allen’s DWTS adventure, along with all the latest updates on all your favorite country music stars.

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