Jimmie Allen Comes To 10’s And More Heartfelt Tears With ‘DWTS’ Horror Night

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This week’s theme was Horror Night on DWTS, but for Jimmie Allen, everything comes down to heart.  The country music sensation who dedicates his song, “Forever,” to his wife, Alexis, still finds himself settling into the feeling of being a father of three.

Just two weeks ago, the doting dad touted his authentic fondness for all things Disney before becoming a wonderfully wicked Captain Hook in his Jazz dance with his partner, Emma Slater.  Then, last week, Jimmie Allen dashed off on a flight to welcome his new baby daughter, Zara James. This was just before he delivered a Foxtrot with enough energy and flow to give Ludacris worries on Grease night.

Without a doubt, Jimmie Allen possesses a passion and a flow of his own in all he does. This week, the DWTS contender and country hitmaker offered more than his “Best Shot.” In truth, he pours his heart out like never before on the dance floor with a magnificent contemporary dance to reflect the silent terror of A Quiet Place, as noted in Showbiz Cheat Sheet and 99.5 The Wolf online.

Jimmie Allen seems more surprised than anyone as he gushes: “I’m crying on this show—again!”  In this case, however, no past memory or personal hardship triggers his tears of emotion. On the contrary, the power of being so in character as a parent moves the performer to the deepest place ever. The DWTS judges feel the same presence and present Jimmie Allen and Emma with their first 10s of the season. Fans rally for a perfect sweep!

No such thing as quiet in the Allen home

Despite the frenetic pace of his career, Jimmie Allen dedicates himself to maintaining a balance in pursuing the career and the dreams he holds with being there for Alexis, Aadyn, 7, Naomi, 1, and newborn Zara.  While the artist confesses that “nine to five” professions allow more reliability and consistency, Jimmie wants to inspire his children with his work ethic and passion. For certain, no one ever accuses Allen of wasting a single minute of his day. Besides DWTS, Allen continues his roster of performances, producing, songwriting, and developing his clothing line, along with being a children’s author. The slew of endeavors only appears to energize him further– he’s never afraid to work hard.

Jimmie Allen plays along like a sport with the “Unsolved Dance Mysteries” segment, very believably uttering “I can’t get that voice out of my head.” In reality, Allen asserts that the truly scary thing about his home is that there is no quiet place.  “A baby’s always crying,” the singer confirms. On the plus side, though, Allen relates that Alexis always gives him the feeling of home, and “motivates and supports me unlike anything I’ve ever seen.”  It’s no surprise that Jimmie Allen dives into his performances with more dedication and heart, week after week.


A father’s dance to cherish

Even with his unquenchable yearnings for fatherhood and for making music, Jimmie Allen credits that it was Alexis who made him yearn for marriage and stability. He describes the “shift” that happens away from self when children arrive. “You want to provide for them, be there for them,” Allen elaborates. “Nothing else matters.”

From the instant Jimmie Allen and Emma Slater cast eyes on one another in their contemporary dance, the intensity of emotion is evident like never before.  Beyond the mind-body association that typifies the style, the performance truly becomes a soul cry for the parents who sacrifice everything, and every sound, to save their children. Of course, Slater’s choreography is superlative, and so are Jimmie Allen’s tender lifts with exquisite timing. The inclusion of American Sign Language heightens the impetus to unspeakable realms.

At its core, A Quiet Place and this dance to Daniel Jang’s “Say Something” are the story of a family willing to do anything for each other.  Jimmie Allen captured and released such palpable angst in his final cry. The tears from understanding and “speaking” a father’s heart never subsided.

Remarkably, the moment became so powerful that even after the commercial break, Jimmie Allen found it hard to put words to his heart. On the other hand, the praise from the judges flowed freely. In addition, the panel finds reason to offer 10’s at last!

Two 10’s are never enough for Jimmie Allen

Anytime a DWTS talent hears veteran judge, Len Goodman, lead off with “I loved it!,” good news is in store. Goodman continued with glowing comments for Jimmie Allen on the music, the choreography, and the immersion into the characters.

For his part, the devilish Bruno Tonioli carries the theme of character further, noting Jimmie Allen’s prowess in “being the character” and baring his heart. In tandem, Derek Hough highlights “the power of what you created” far beyond a performance. Lastly, the spider-haired Carrie Ann Inaba offers a robust “Thank you” to the pair for their gift of dance. “Dance moves us, it reaches us, and it helps us to be better people,” the judge affirms. “You did all that.” Inaba keeps the good news rolling for Jimmie Allen, posting his first-ever 10. Len Goodman follows with a 9 before Derek Hough makes it a pair of 10’s for the pair. Ultimately, Bruno closes out the scores with a 9, giving Jimmie and Emma 38 out of 40.

Sadly, the wait for safety this week was tough on fans. Still, Jimmie and Emma pulled through and fans get a double-treat of Jimmie Allen on DWTS. 

It was a top-notch night of competition, with two couples earning perfect scores. Iman Shumpert and Daniella Karagach brought the heat with their top-scoring contemporary routine in tribute to Us. Nonetheless, the numbers never tell the whole story of dance. Jimmie Allen has all the heart, effort, and work ethic to take that mirror ball, and more 10’s are on the way!

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