Dolly Parton Takes Lead In Literary Duo, High-Powered Host Trio For ACM Awards

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As always, at 76, country music queen Dolly Parton does things in a big way, and her calendar alone contains the proof.  This coming Monday, March 7, Parton not only hosts the 2022 ACM Awards, (this year on Amazon Prime Video),  but also, the songwriting legend celebrates the release of her musical and mysterious literary partnership with mega-selling author, James Patterson, for Run Rose Run. While the venture in suspense writing is far from Dolly Parton’s first project as an author, it is her debut as a novelist, as Country Music Alley featured last August.

Naturally, faithful Dolly Parton fans yearn to have the soundtrack to accompany the chapters relating to the aspiring star’s struggle in Music City, whereas James Patterson aficionados simply love the readability of his every page-turner.  At the same time, the “My Tennessee Mountain Home” artist prepares for one of the biggest nights in her industry, happening in Las Vegas.  Even so, the heavy lifting of being a senior solo host seems a bit much at this stage of her career.  Thus, Dolly Parton shares duties with the emotional “Down Home” singer-songwriter, Jimmie Allen, and “The Good Ones” songstress, Gabby Barrett.

Undeniably, this triple threat in country music makes for one fine night, but only one legend stands on the stage and Dolly Parton delights in singing a big number with another Tennessee girl.  Coincidentally, the hosts of Country’s premier honor nights make a habit of performing together, so anything is possible for fans streaming the event.

When it comes to Run Rose Run, well, let’s just say that Dolly Parton has plans beyond the final stroke of the keys and strum of her guitar.

Kelsea Ballerini equals Dolly Parton’s delight in singing ACM Awards duet

No one in the music business keeps a secret like Dolly Parton.  With her innate sense of timing, she understands that the perfect moment for a reveal makes or breaks a project’s success.  She keeps mum about any specific song for her big ACM duet moment. Nonetheless, the matchless lady of song who graces the stage across six decades with everyone in country music notoriety is noticeably excited over having Kelsea Ballerini as her song partner in a special performance of a song from Run Rose Run, as she tells People.

“I’m gonna be doing a number in the show with Kelsea Ballerini,” Dolly Parton teases.  True kinship shows in the photo of the cross-generational talents in the “Half Of My Hometown” singer’s social media share. Kelsea beams, describing “just a couple of East Tennessee girls getting ready to sing” at the big event. Music and meaning create bonds beyond blood.  Chris Stapleton and Walker Hayes lead with the most nominations.  However, the ACM Awards performances leave lasting memories.

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Dolly Parton and Kelsea Ballerini/Credit: Kelsea Ballerina Instagram

Dolly Parton and James Patterson seem like an old married couple

Over a delightful CBS Sunday Morning sit-down, Dolly Parton and James Patterson talk about their own kinship through the writing process.  The connection appears nearly instant.

“He would send me pages,” Parton relates, “and I would just give these ideas for songs– it was like Ta-da,” declares the Guinness World Record-honored legend.  Patterson confirms that she wrote seven songs in two days for Run Rose Run.

In further exchanges, Dolly Parton praises how the best-selling writer “listens well” as he interjects with “and he knows who’s the boss!” with a gleeful chuckle.  As a matter of fact, though, Parton compliments her partner as “so smart” and “so cool.”  As it happens, she breaks into a song about their shared love of books and, in particular, literacy for young people.  Both have a passion for promoting reading.  Patterson writes numerous titles for young readers and Dolly Parton surpassed the 150 million total of books personally mailed to preschoolers globally through her Imagination Library last year.

Dolly Parton insists that she aims to give her full effort as an author in supporting the book. Not surprisingly, the “Girl in the Movies” songwriter plans to star in the saga of AnnieLee Keyes, the central character.  Parton knows the struggles of a striving star in Nashville.  The pinnacle of success and the dark underbelly of the music business pour from the pages.

Dolly has competition in the dazzle department

Without question, Jimmie Allen is the busiest man in entertainment, even beyond his thriving country music career track.  Clearly, the “Best Shot” singer took lessons from Dolly Parton’s work ethic and to never let any good career opportunity pass by.

On the other hand, Dolly Parton felt such a closeness with Gabby Barrett that she shared both career and a few marriage secrets. Both co-hosts hold tremendous respect and artistic awe for Dolly Parton. There will be only one ageless star sharing the stage with them in their eyes. Still, considering Jimmie Allen’s penchant for fashion, and a definite flash of color (Have you seen him in hot pink?).

Dolly Parton loves the dazzle and the fine dining of Las Vegas.  She’s not too fond of the scorching temperatures.  Her soul and spirit shine from any stage, at any age.  Fans beware, though. The Strip may lose a touch of its luster with Jimmie and Dolly going for dazzle!

The ACM Awards begin streaming at 8 PM EST on Monday, March 7.  Stream into Country Music Alley anytime for the latest happenings in the country music world!

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