Dolly Parton Moves From Delightfully Bawdy To A Divine Plea For 2023 ACM Awards

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Without fail, the global ambassador for doing good, Dolly Parton, constantly finds ways to reinvent herself and her creative gifts for the times. On the other hand, she certainly holds no objection to throwing in a dash of spice to go along with her heart and humor for a special occasion. Dolly Parton made sure those essential condiments were in abundant supply for Wednesday night’s ACM Awards, as Yahoo Entertainment per MSN conveys.

However, while Country Music Alley alerted fans of Dolly Parton’s promise to her first-time ACM Awards’ co-host, Garth Brooks, to give him “the best night” of his life, no one predicted Parton’s new translation of G.O.A.T. or the real “live” farm animals onstage. Above all, Parton embodied the full scope of faith and friendship through her song and spirit before the momentous night was over.

Dolly takes some liberties with the G.O.A.T. title

In the opening banter, Garth Brooks takes on some steep country music legends for the “greatest” title — Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard, Keith Whitley and Randy Travis, and more before Brooks interjects “But if the King of country music is a female, give it to the G.O.A.T.” lauding Parton. Naturally, perfectly on cue, Dolly Parton prances on stage, complete with a live little goat, Claire.

“Did I hear you say you were looking for a goat?”Parton inquires. “I’ve got your goat right here!”

Actually, long before the live-action fun with the critters, Dolly Parton discussed her new interpretation of G.O.A.T. Parton teases to Access Hollywood  that G.O.A.T. translates in her vernacular as “Garth organizes a threesome!”


By this point, Dolly passed the point of revealing that she was the “hall pass” for both Garth and “Miss Yearwood,” as he dotingly dubs his bride of 15 years. It’s no wonder that everyone watching from the Frisco, TX Ford Center or millions of back bedrooms felt themselves blush as Crimson as The Dance artist.

To Naomi and Loretta, straight from Dolly’s heart

Fortunately for everyone involved, Brooks quickly pivoted the attention to his co-host in another way, quoting in a paraphrase of I Will Always Love You. “And I thought I couldn’t love you any more,” Garth Brooks praised Dolly Parton. He elaborated that “not just in Texas, but around the world,” the love flows for Dolly.

While the night belonged to Lainey Wilson and a truly humbled Chris Stapleton as Entertainer of the Year, Dolly Parton again brought a “come to church” moment to the proceedings. It was so poignant that it prompted Garth Brooks to remove his hat and gaze upward in sincere reverence.

Singing a heartfelt chorus of Precious Memories a cappella, Dolly Parton offered tender regards and respect to Naomi Judd, who died by suicide in April of 2022, and to Loretta Lynn, who passed at age 90. last October

Parton praised Loretta Lynn as “a hero, and one of the most important, but still down-to-earth singer-songwriters in history,” as People per MSN notes.

As for her remarks honoring Naomi Judd, Dolly Parton drew on kindred connections, like how both ladies were truly G.O.A.T.’s being Capricorns, how “we loved big hair,” with Dolly confirming “I still do.” “We loved that makeup,” Parton lovingly concludes, “but most of all we loved each other.” Ties between the grand ladies of country music go far deeper than any mascara.

Dolly Parton’s passion pours through ‘World On Fire’

Of course, no one else apart from Dolly Parton could deliver as the closer of these 58th ACM Awards. In fact, the inception, inspiration, and labor behind her mammoth Rockstar collection, slated for release on November 17, are all about love.

Despite the more than six decades of gleaming hardware and accolades celebrating her career and filling their homes, Dolly Parton’s husband of almost 57 years (this month), Carl Deae, remains an ardent hard rock fan. Along with Dolly’s desire to “earn it” as an inductee in the Rock ‘n Roll Hall Of Fame, she wanted to create an album hubby keeps on the turntable for a while.

Of late, and really since the release of When Life Is Good Again amid the pandemic, Dolly Parton displays her heart and artistic focus on issues beyond the headlines and partisan divide overtaking the nation.

“Liar, liar, the world’s on fire/What we gonna do when it all burns down?” Dolly Parton asks from center stage in a shrouded skirt of the globe. Furthermore, her lyrics plead “If God ain’t listening, then we’re all deaf, too.” Uniquely, she parallels that painted signs urging action have the same power as lethal weapons among a united people.

With a resounding cry to “rise above” and “try some love” on divine and earthly levels, the refrains are ones we’ve heard before, but not with the passion of Dolly Parton, and people are listening.

Are you excited to hear more from Dolly Parton’s Rockstar album? Give a shout out in the comments and keep tuned into Country Music Alley.




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