Dolly Parton Dishes On Mick Jagger’s Decline For Rock Duet

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Universally, the world over, Dolly Parton feels beloved no matter where her travels take her on the globe. Assuredly, the 77-year-old music marvel received a rousing (and wow-sing!) reception in London, as Hollywood Life per MSN confirms, for her promotional visit of all her latest projects.

As always, the global force for good totally captivated the cameras. Besides her especially golden locks,  leather hit the mark. Indeed, her sequined fishnet crop top with a golden shimmer to accent the black leather bustier complemented her matching black leather pants with fishnet seams to transform the country music queen into the essence of a rock goddess. Not by coincidence, Dolly Parton’s visit to BBC’s The One came ahead of the release of her “one and only” foray into the heavier realm, Rockstar, on November 17.

As it happens, English singer, Rita Ora, got the black leather memo, too, alongside Dolly Parton for the show as a guest.  However, the Rockin’ Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame inductee had another British singer on the brain, as Fox News via MSN relates. Fortunately for Mick Jagger, Dolly now takes a more tender tack with the frontman who never fulfilled her plea for a dream duet on the album.

Dolly decides not to kick Mick’s a**

Back in February, Country Music Alley captured just how adamantly Dolly Parton yearned to create a duet with Mick Jagger on the classic Rolling Stones hit, Satisfaction.

At the time, Dolly was dead set on the “just me and Mick” collaboration, declaring that she was “waiting for Mick to come on back.”

“I’ll kick his bony a** the next time I see him,” Dolly Parton promised if the plans fell through.

No matter the star power, sometimes creative differences and scheduling conflicts stall dreams. As it turns out, Mick preferred “something new and different, which I don’t blame him for,” Dolly Parton stresses. Appropriately, Parton’s passion for choosing that particular rock standard rose from her devotion to her husband, Carl, who inspired the entire project. “He loves him so much,” the spouse details of Carl’s affection for the Start Me Up singer-songwriter.

When it came to starting up the duet, Dolly Parton’s Nashville base and Mick Jagger’s L.A. studio time for a new album never permitted the partners to sing in the same place. Still. Dolly never gives up on a dream. Even if it’s only a special gift for her husband, the duet is still possible.

Sadly, “I kept missing him [Mick]” Dolly speaks of her efforts to land on location with the rooster-stepping rock god. “But he really wanted to do it.”

Don’t expect a Dolly tour this time

Without a doubt, fans have plenty of Dolly Parton delights to accompany the Rockstar release. Vinyl editions, box sets, and other exclusive goodies are available.

As for rock royalty, well, Sir Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Sting, and John Fogerty are far from chopped liver. On the ladies ’side, Pink and Brandi Carlile fit that bill for (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction just fine. Dolly Parton’s goddaughter, Miley Cyrus, fresh off the surging summer success of Flowers, reprises Wrecking Ball with Godmother Dolly for the album.

Amidst all the hoopla and big-name artists joining Dolly Parton, though, the Touch Your Woman songwriter assures “I do not plan to tour this album,” as Yahoo News conveys.

The center of Dolly’s love and devotion

Unabashedly, Dolly Parton attests that Rockstar is her “love letter” to Carl, her husband of 58 years (and together for 59). She calls the choice not to tour part of “wise decisions” at this stage of the couple’s life. Dolly bases her television and movie production in Nashville or Atlanta to stay close to home. She rescheduled her UK trip from earlier in the month to days ago because “my husband was sick.”  “He’s fine now,” she asserts of the 80-year-old love of her life, “but you do plan.”

As for this album, “I made him sit down and listen to the whole thing,” Dolly elaborates on her audience of one. In order to take in and assess the full 30-song opus, Carl required an intermission. After the pause, “It’s really good,” he summarized. The assessment meant the world to Dolly Parton.

“I want to please him, to be honest with you–more than anybody else,” promises the devoted wife. What a perfect testament to gratitude for their years together.

Are you looking forward to listening to Rockstar? Tell us in the comments below and keep up with Dolly Parton’s never-ending new projects on Country Music Alley.


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