Brittany And Jason Aldean Praised As Great People By RaeLynn

RaeLynn Woodward on Jason Aldean and Brittany Aldean via Instagram
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Who could forget an angelic voice like RaeLynn Woodward’s on season two of NBC’s The Voice? Although eliminated in the quarterfinals, RaeLynn left her mark on all of our hearts with a voice that could carry across the canyons. And it is through that very voice that RaeLynn has formed friendships with so many artists in the music industry. So, it should come as no surprise that when Raelynn met Jason Aldean and Brittany Aldean at 18 years old, she knew she was in the presence of good company.

Jason Aldean and Brittany Aldean on Instagram
Jason Aldean and Brittany Aldean on Instagram

With Friends Like These

RaeLynn reflects on meeting Aldean while hanging out backstage with Blake Shelton, among others. She goes on to discuss how respectful Aldean was to her, and how he mentioned that he has an unforgettable memory of hearing her singing his song.

At 17, RaeLynn was the youngest contestant on The Voice. She decided to cover Aldean’s “She’s Country”, which landed her among the top fan favorites. According to RaeLynn, her introduction to Jason Aldean and Brittany Aldean was “one of the first interactions had with such a star in the industry”. She mentioned that he “encouraged her to continue pursuing her dreams”. To RaeLynn, connecting with Jason Aldean was like hitting a goldmine. And she aims to continue cherishing her friendships, like the one she built with the Aldeans.

RaeLynn’s 29th Birthday with Brittany Aldean and Company

Besties love a good birthday bash, and that’s exactly what Brittany Aldean and RaeLynn did to ring in her 29th year on earth. Including friends like Katelyn Brown, Caleigh Ryan Hardy, and other attendees, the group gathered for a rooftop soiree to celebrate their dear friend.

RaeLynn took to Instagram to write a heartfelt message about the moments we all have; the ones where you realize just how important building community is. She shared a little archive of the day’s events and talked about how grateful she is to know these women through life’s many hurdles. She thanked Brittany Aldean for going above and beyond to make her, and others, feel so loved and appreciated. RaeLynn acknowledged the challenge of navigating their “career craziness” with grace and consistency.

Brittany and Jason Aldean Are The Friends You Wish You’d Met Earlier in Life

Certain people come into our hemisphere way later than we anticipated, and even though we wished we’d met them sooner, their presence in our lives feels like some form of divine intervention. For Raelynn, Jason Aldean, and his wife, it was now or never. RaeLynn discusses how close-knit she and Lady Aldean are, and praises her for throwing her a birthday party to express the love and adoration they have for one another.

Will RaeLynn’s heartfelt expression help the Aldeans field some of the fire they’ve been under lately? One thing is for sure, we all need good people in our lives. And if you’re looking for what those friendships can offer you, look no further than the Aldean-Woodward trio.

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