Oliver Anthony And Jamey Johnson Surprised Fans In NC Market

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Earlier today, a short 36-second video was uploaded to the social media site, X (previously known as Twitter), that shows Oliver Anthony and Jamey Johnson joining together for a duet of “In Color.”

Oliver Anthony’s Farmer’s Market Performance

Oliver Anthony scheduled to perform at the Morris Farm Market in North Carolina this week, something he announced on TikTok just a day ago. The event was set to take place on August 13th, 2023 from 1:30-2;30pm, admission was free. It ended up being an astounding success. Little did he know, Oliver Anthony would have a large audience despite choosing such a small place to share his music.


August 13th 1:30-2:30pm Morris Farm Market Currituck NC Meet and greet afterward Completely free to attend. Food and drinks available. Alot more to come. Keep being awesome. #oliveranthony #oliveranthonymusic

♬ original sound – Oliver Anthony

A large crowd had lined up in the heat, ready to hear this rising star’s voice live. He introduced himself by saying, “It’s crazy to me, I remember back in June I played her for about 20 people… but that’s the beautiful part of this country, even an idiot like me can make something happen.” He also spends some time reading from the book of Psalms and sharing a short message.

Who Is Oliver Anthony?

Before continuing, it will be beneficial to go into a summary of Oliver Anthony’s past, specifically this past week. Chances are, just a week ago, not many people knew of this name. Although Oliver has been sharing his music online for a while now, it was not until a hit performance on Radio WV that Anthony finally tasted fame. His performance of “Rich Man North Of Richmond” currently sits at 7.4 million views and has garnished over 440 thousand likes. That is a staggering amount of engagement for something posted only 4 days ago.

Oliver is 30 years old and is based in Farmville, Virginia. From what is seen of him so far, he is a humble man. In his TikTok, he stated, “I will stay until 2:30 a.m. if I have to…I promise if you show up if you are willing to come and listen to me, I am willing to stay and listen to you. I’m gonna shake your hand. I want to hear what you have to say, I want to hear your story. This is not about me, this is about you.” This is a promise Oliver Anthony followed through with, too. He sat for hours in the heat to write autographs and talk to the fans.

Jamey Johnson’s Surprise Appearance

If the crowd were not enough to shock Oliver Anthony, Jamey Johnson’s arrival certainly did. The climax of the event took place when the two took the stage together and sang Jamey Johnson’s song “In Color.” Seeing a well-established country singer work hand-in-hand with an artist that just blew up overnight is something you may only ever find in the country music community.

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