Everything You Need To Know About Jason Aldean’s New Album

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Jason Aldean drops fresh details on his upcoming album Highway Desperado. However, the track includes a song that was gaining a lot of controversy. Will the album still be well-received? Here’s everything you need to know about Jason Aldean’s new album.

Jason Aldean Releases Sneak Peak To New Album

Jason gave a small preview of his new music yesterday, August 25th, 2023. He shared a 30-second clip of his song “Let Your Boys Be Country” on the social platform X. Viewers love what they are hearing and cannot wait for more. The 46-year-old American country singer is still growing in popularity after nearly 20 years.

Jason Aldean’s X post also links to a YouTube video containing the full version of the 3-minute, 16-second song. The post is relatively well-received, as it has over 100 thousand views, over 6.5 thousand likes, and over 600 comments. This new single is all about raising your kids, specifically boys, to enjoy country life. This entails working on a farm, living in a small town, wearing cowboy boots, and getting your hands dirty.

Comments are praising Jason for his writing, hoping that they can raise a country boy of their own. This song encourages young men to be hard-working, well-mannered, family-oriented, and prideful. All of which are good messages. Here are some notable lyrics:

“Let ’em work in a hayfield sweating for a little summer cash. Raise’em hard raise ’em’ tough, bring ’em up to have their brother’s back.”

“Let everything inside these country lines be his whole world… Make ’em proud of that middle nowhere.”

“You want him to grow up to be someone he’s damn proud to be… Teach ’em yes ma’am and no ma’am.”

Jason Aldean’s Upcoming Track List

Jason’s new album Highway Desperado is promised to contain 14 tracks, three of which are co-written by Aldean. Here are the titles of those songs:

“Tough Crowd”

“Let Your Boys Be Country”

“Knew You’d Come Around”

“Hungover In A Hotel”

“Try That In A Small Town”

“Whisky Drink”

“Whose Rearview”

“I’m Over You”

“Rather Watch You”

“Breakup Breakdown”

“Get Away From You”

“Changing Bars”

“From This Beer On”

“Highway Desperado”

The most noticeable song on this list is “Try This In A Small Town.”  Jason Aldean has received heavy backlash and allegations within the past few months because of some of its lyrics. Jason continues to share his song regardless, though. It also marked a new high for the artist, as it hit the Hot 100 and is currently a Top 10 Country Radio hit.

The song “Tough Crowd” has also been previously released.

The Release Date Of Jason Aldean’s 11th Studio Album

“Highway Desperado,” a title inspired by Aldean’s sold-out tour, will drop on November 3rd, 2023. Jason is currently on said tour until Saturday, 28th, 2023. These tracks mainly center on Aldean’s celebrity lifestyle, touring, performing, and growing a fanbase.


New album ‘Highway Desperado’ coming at y’all November 3rd. Preorder and listen to my newest song “Let Your Boys Be Country” now at the link in bio. #jasonaldean #jasonaldeanmusic #highwaydesperado #newmusic #countrymusic

♬ Let Your Boys Be Country – Jason Aldean

Are you excited about Jason Aldean’s new album? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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