Oliver Anthony Assigns Blame For Ticket Price Drama

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Oliver Anthony took to Facebook, again, to clarify all the drama surrounding his upcoming concert at Cotton Eyed Joe’s in Knoxville, Tennessee. The country music star explained the situation to his fans. He even went as far as to assign blame for all the ticket price drama.

Who’s Fault Was It?

Oliver Anthony is taking all the blame for the miscommunications regarding the ticket prices. He explained it was his fault for all the drama surrounding the now-canceled concert in Tennessee. Instead of blaming others, he manned up and said he was to blame.

Anthony made the decision to have a friend “book gigs” for him. This friend is a plumber and probably has little, if any, experience as a booking agent. Seeing Oliver Anthony made the decision to have his friend handle this, he believes it is his fault the prices were higher than what he expected and wanted.

No Contract Was Signed

According to Oliver Anthony’s Facebook post, a contract with Cotton Eyed Joe’s was never signed. Despite this, the venue began selling tickets to the concert. Seeing a contract was never signed, it appears the price for the tickets was never made clear to any of the parties involved.

Oliver Anthony May Be Hiring

Oliver Anthony, while acknowledging his mistake, said “I should probably consider using a professional consultant in this area.” It seems Anthony was careful not to place blame on his friend. It was Anthony who put his friend in this position.

A professional consultant or booking agent would be helpful to Anthony. Having someone take over finding venues, negotiating ticket prices and all the other aspects of putting on concerts would help to avoid such drama in the future. At this point, the Oliver Anthony team may be growing soon.

The Happy Outcome

Despite all the ticket price drama surrounding Oliver Anthony and the Cotton Eyed Joe’s venue, it appears there will be a happy ending for Anthony’s fans. The country music star has been able to secure other venues in the Knoxville area for the same week of the canceled concert at Cotton Eyed Joe’s.

What may be the best news for Oliver Anthony’s fans is the price of the concert tickets. The venues Anthony found are willing to host the concert for $25 per ticket instead of the $99 Cotton Eyed Joe’s was charging. Just like Anthony wanted, the meet and greet after the concert will be free.

Making this even better news is the size of the venues. According to Oliver Anthony’s Facebook post, the venues are even larger than at Cotton Eyed Joe’s. This will allow more fans to attend his concert at a lower price.

Despite all the drama, it appears everything will work out for Oliver Anthony and his fans. There will be a concert. The ticket prices will be $25. The meet and greet will be free. The venue will be bigger. This is a win/win for Anthony and his fans. What do you think of all this drama? Should the concert have been canceled? Do you think Oliver Anthony stood up for his fans enough? What do you think of the ticket prices? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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