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Oliver Anthony
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The drama surrounding Oliver Anthony, Cotton Eyed Joe’s and the over-priced tickets has not turned off the fans of this country music star. His concert, with the $25 per ticket price, is already sold out. All of the tickets were sold out within hours of being available to fans. Oliver Anthony’s fans bought those tickets as quickly as they could. They are even asking for another concert.

Where Will The Concert Be?

Obviously, Oliver Anthony will not be performing at Cotton Eyed Joe’s. After they tried to charge $99 per ticket and $199 for the ticket and the meet and greet, Oliver Anthony shut down the “horses**t,” as he called it. Within a few days, Anthony had secured another venue for his now-sold-out concert.

Anthony will be performing at the Knoxville Convention Center. This concert will take place on September 29th. Fans readily paid the $25 for the tickets and will be able to enjoy the free meet and greet after the Anthony concert.

Oliver Anthony Offered Refunds For Tickets

Oliver Anthony, who was very upset about the high ticket prices, offered to give the ticket buyers a refund for those tickets he believed cost his fans too much money. The refunds he offered would have been out of his own pocket. Fans loved his offer.

Cotton Eyed Joe’s did manage to step up and give the people their refunds for the over-priced tickets. That was after the venue said some not-so-nice things about Oliver. They went as far as to warn other venues about booking concerts with the new country music star. In their comments about Anthony, they failed to mention they started selling tickets without a signed contract between them and Anthony. Who was right and who was wrong will have to be decided by the ticket buyers and other fans of Oliver Anthony.

Has The Drama Ended?

Oliver Anthony canceled the concert at Cotton Eyed Joe’s due to the high price they were selling the tickets for. He has booked another venue, the Knoxville Convention Center. This was at the $25 price he wanted as well as the free meet and greet. Does this mean the drama has ended?

At the time of publication, it was unknown if the drama had actually ended. Oliver Anthony is passionate about having low ticket prices and free meet and greets after his concerts. It is unknown if other venues will try to charge more than what Anthony finds to be acceptable prices for concert tickets. What is known is the fact Oliver Anthony stands up for his fans and works hard to make sure the tickets are affordable for those who want to attend his concerts.

Tell us what you think. Do you think Oliver was right to cancel the original concert? Was it up to him or Cotton Eyed Joe’s to refund the ticket buyer’s money? Does all this ticket-price drama make you more willing to attend an Oliver Anthony concert? Share your thoughts and feelings in the comment sections.

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