Thomas Rhett & Morgan Wallen Reminisce About ‘Mamaw’s House’ In New Song

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Thomas Rhett and Morgan Wallen have teamed up with a brand-new song. This duet between the two country superstars called “Mamaw’s House” is bound to stir up some precious memories. That is exactly the tune is meant to do. Keep reading to find out what the song is about.

Thomas Rhett and Morgan Wallen collaborate

The recent collaboration between Thomas Rhett and Morgan Wallen has taken on a whole new meaning. The men took on this project together a few years ago over Zoom, as Rhett explained on Instagram. Both he and Wallen said that they have fond memories of spending summers at their grandparent’s houses, which Rhett called a “small town piece of paradise.” He also mentioned that that was where you learned so many life lessons such as hard work, manners, and respect.

Wallen reflected on how his Mamaw loved taking care of people. She also mixed toughness with love. It’s obvious how much her influence has molded his life and how he tries to live today. His duet partner is thrilled to finally have this song out for all their fans to hear. Rhett said that it was an ode to all the grandmothers out there.

‘Mamaw’s House’ is finally out

The heartfelt song is finally here and it’s bound to rocket up to the top of the country music charts. The simplicity of this tune gives the feel of how much grandmothers are an important part of growing up. Morgan Wallen starts off by stopping what he is doing and taking a call from his mamaw. The lyrics then talk about grandma’s cooking and the old Lincoln in the driveway. Also, cussing and complaining were definitely not allowed. The chorus pretty much summed up the importance of visiting “Mamaw’s House”.

“If every nightstand had a Bible, every front porch had a swing/if every backyard had a garden, every front door had a screen/well, maybe this crazy world would straighten up and slow on down/if every town had a Mamaw’s house.”

The accompanying video shows all the things that go along with the song. It features a house out in the country, complete with a typical front porch with a swing, grandparents working out in the garden, and of course, plenty of food. This collaboration has already hit a sentimental chord with country music fans.

“This is so good!!! Take me right back to Mamaw’s house,” a social media user wrote. Another said, “Pulls at your heartstring for sure.”

“Mamaw’s House” is included as a bonus track on Thomas Rhett’s 20 Number Ones collection.

What are your thoughts on Thomas Rhett and Morgan Wallen’s new song? Does it bring back special memories of your grandmothers? Give us your thoughts below.

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