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Thomas Rhett just recently gave up an addicting habit. He was interviewed by Bobby Bones on the popular podcast called Bobbycast. The country music sensation discussed his life lately, including one particular bad habit that had become quite a problem. What was it? Keep reading to find out.

Thomas Rhett gets a different kind of love at home

Thomas Rhett seems to have it all, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t struggle like the rest of us. The 33-year-old singer and songwriter has topped the charts many times in his 10-year career in the country music genre and is currently on his Home Team Tour 2023. In his private life, he shares a beautiful family with his wife Lauren Akins. They have four daughters, Willa Gray, 7, Ada James, 5, Lennon Love, 3, and Lillie, Carolina, 1. He obviously adores his family, but he also loves the attention that he gets while on the road as well. However, the attention he gets on tour is a little different when he arrives home.

According to Music Mayhem, Thomas told Bobby Bones that the ‘dopamine’ he gets while on tour with all the applause from his fans is the complete opposite when he gets home. He called it ‘retractable dopamine.’ He has had quite a struggle with his insecurities. For a while, he thought social media was the key to finding his worth. Being in the limelight certainly has its ups and downs, and reading all the negativity didn’t help. It also trickled into his family time when he was on his phone way more than he should have been. That all stopped when he chose to go social media-free. Now he lets his team handle that part of it and that has helped tremendously.

Breaking another bad habit

Thomas Rhett also explained on the podcast that he picked up a nicotine habit that started when he was just 18 years old. He confessed that it was something that he really loved. However, he decided that it was time to kick the habit and go cold turkey. What led him to the decision to quit?

Thomas admitted that he felt like it was a ‘drug addiction,’ going through clothes pockets just to get his hands on some. Now it has been at least 3 weeks since he quit and he feels good about it. He has also seen a health benefit by quitting nicotine as well. “When I was using nicotine, my resting heart rate was up in the mid 70s. That’s pretty high. The week I quit using Zen, my resting heart rate was like 49. That’s a big jump,” Thomas Rhett said. It sounds like he has taken a good look at his bad habits this year and cleaned them up.

What are your thoughts on Thomas Rhett kicking his nicotine addiction? Be sure to check back for more country music news.

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