Morgan Wallen Relationship Update, Single Or Married?

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Like many other celebrities his age, Morgan Wallen has fan girls lined up at his door waiting for information about his dating life. Is he single?

Who Is Morgan Wallen?

Morgan Cole Wallen is a 30-year-old country singer and songwriter from Sneedville, TN. He grew in popularity during the sixth season of The Voice, a competitive show for performers. At the time, Morgan was 20 years old and working as a landscaper. Even though he did not win the competition, Wallen still followed a successful career in music. In 2016 he signed a record label with Big Loud Records and released a song titled “The Way I Talk.”

Since that point, Morgan Wallen’s career and life have been on the high rise. The artist has done a total of 550 concerts and has been all over the country on tour. He grew quite the fanbase despite being arrested once in 2020 and facing backlash for saying a racial slur.

Morgan Wallen’s Previous Relationship

A major relationship in Morgan’s life was that with KT Smith. The two had started dating in 2017 until later breaking up in 2019. However, the couple had a son together and were engaged. What happened?


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Like many other celebrities, Morgan Wallen was unfaithful. However, KT Smith has been forgiving and kind about it, and the two have remained on good terms while co-parenting. In a blog post, she writes:

“I have grown and matured enough to say that I made a mistake whenever talking down on my relationship with him. There is no reason for me to do so, because there is always room for someone to change and grow. Just because I was hurt and bitter at the time, did not give me the right to ever say anything bad. Morgan is truly and deep down a wonderful person, who also makes mistakes that can be forgiven- because God always forgives, but more importantly- He loves his son and is a good father.”

Even though Smith and Morgan had parted ways romantically, they still share custody of their son Indigo, who is now 3 years of age.


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Morgan Wallen’s Current Dating Life

That leaves the long-awaited question, is Morgan Wallen single or not? After the breakup with KT Smith, there has only been one other public relationship. That relationship was with the model Paige Lorenze. The couple was rarely seen online together, but they had been together for around a year. Unfortunately, that relationship came to an end as well. It is estimated that they broke up around the start of 2022. That is the only information provided about any romantic partner who has been with Morgan Wallen since that point. The most recent update about his relationship status comes from an interview with Country Countdown USAHere is what he had to say:

“I had a girlfriend for a while. Not recently. That was the last one I had. I don’t have anybody right now. It’s kind of hard. Just how busy I’ve been. I got a son, I got an album, I got a tour, I’ve got all these things I do. I go hunt, it’s really hard for me to make time for that. I want to, though. I think I’m coming up on my ‘settle down phase.’ We’ll see. I’m not in a hurry.”

Is there a relationship being hidden behind the scenes? Who will come into his life next?

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