Chris Young Reveals Health Issues Forced His Weight Loss

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Born in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Chris Young’s love for country music started at a young age. He performed in the church choir, school theater, and even as a mariachi singer for the drumline. Breaking into the music industry in 2006, the singer won season 4 of Nashville Star.

Since winning the competition, Young released several albums, seeming to control the country charts. But as Young’s career took off, his health appeared to decline, leaving one doctor to tell him, “‘You gotta do something.'”

Chris Young’s history with health issues and doctors isn’t all that new. Back in 2013, the singer worked his way to Montana for a tour when an infected cut caused him to go into septic shock. After receiving care for the infection, the singer returned to the stage just 8 days later. Barely a year later, he found himself in the emergency room yet again when he needed surgery to reconnect tendons in his hand after a kitchen knife incident.

Saying Goodbye To Sandwiches

While trying not to have any accidents, Chris Young recently revealed he went to the doctor for a checkup when they found his cholesterol was “insanely high.” Advised to make some changes in his lifestyle, the singer did just that. He revealed to his fans last month that he lost a staggering 60 pounds. Sharing how he achieved his weight loss, he admitted, “I go heavy protein caloric deficit, so I don’t have to not eat sandwiches, which is one of my favorite things in the world.”

Although Chris Young received a great deal of praise for his commitment, the country singer shared his guilty pleasure foods. He confessed that “salt and vinegar potato chips” are a must-have when on the road and at home.

Sharing some interesting interactions after losing weight, Chris Young laughed, “The really funny thing is everybody’s been like, ‘Oh, are you taking medication or a shot?’ I’m like, ‘No, not doing any of that. I’m just being really boring and going to the gym.'”

Chris Young Is Feeling Great

Besides losing weight, Chris Young continues to work in the studio with his new song, “Young Love & Saturday Nights,” becoming the most-added song on country radio. Working alongside Chris DeStefano and Corey Crowder, Young said he felt like “everybody’s happy,” adding, “The imaging is there. The music is there. All the pieces are in place for this to be possibly one of the biggest things I’ve ever done.”

With his weight down and career thriving, Chris Young revealed his voice is the best it’s felt in a “very long time.”  “It’s really easy to get lost in trying to tell people that you think this is one of the best records you’ve ever made because that’s what everybody says. But I think this record is really and truly one of the best ones.”

Do you share Chris Young’s love for potato chips? If so, what is your favorite flavor? Be sure to let us know below.

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