Oliver Anthony Allegedly Takes Legal Action Against Maren Morris

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Oliver Anthony is an artist who is no stranger to backlash. The young country artist is new to the scene, but he has already hit a few bumps in the road to fame. However, a fellow celebrity may have gone too far with their defamation… to the point of a lawsuit.

Oliver Anthony’s Battle With Slander

This event would not be the first time Christopher Anthony Lunsford has received backlash for his music or career. Various community members have shared their negative opinions of the artist on various social platforms. Anthony has had issues with political figures using his song for their own gain, fans have complained about how he manages events, and some people just do not like his music. Allegedly, famous singer Maren Morris is one of those haters. However, the situation with Maren posed a real threat to Oliver Anthony’s career. So what happened?


According to an article by America’s Last Line Of Defense, Mrs. Morris is not a fan of Oliver. Here is what the post states:

“’She called my music problematic and that’s not okay,’ Anthony told YouTuber Joe Barron, ‘she slandered me and said I’m responsible for the downfall of America. I’m like…what the hell? Then, one of my concerts was canceled because they have a contract with her, so now her slander is causing me real financial harm.’… Anthony’s lawyer, Ryan J Fish of Williams, Vander, and Boom, says he’s seeking $100 million in damages but would settle for an apology and a good faith payment of $40 million instead.”

That is a hefty and dramatic fine that Oliver is supposedly requesting. Seems rather out of character for someone normally so humble and reserved, is it not?

What Happens Next?

Despite what has been stated, nothing will happen or change. Want to know why? The whole story was a hoax! It has been debunked by Snopes, as well as a few community members under the website’s Facebook page. Even their own website states “Paid Liberal Trolls of America. Nothing on this page is real..” at the bottom of each page. Many of the comments are following along with the joke, some might even believe it.

Maren Morris and Oliver Anthony have only ever said good things about each other. There has been no slandering, Oliver never spoke to this supposed YouTuber, all is well. During an Oct 2023 interview on the New York Times Popcast, Maren showed her love for the blossoming country artist.

“Before I heard the lyrics I was like, this guy can sing his ass off. And I really do love that type of sound. I like bluegrass, I grew up listening to a lot of that. Anything with a soulful tinge, I’m down for.” She also called Oliver Anthony “Kind of badass” for speaking out against politicians and conservatives for using his song.

Luckily, all seems well for each artist and they are both continuing their career path.

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