Jelly Roll’s Biggest Smallest Fan Goes Viral

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Earning his G.E.D. while in jail, Jelly Roll had no idea what life had in store for him. Given his life at that moment, the singer focused only on making it better. Now, years later, the singer is recognized all over the country and is easily taking over country music. While the singer sells out arenas and takes time to help those in need, it seems his generosity is gaining him a loyal fanbase that continues to grow with each new show. Recently, one of his fans went viral for her genuine reaction to his song Need a Favor. And what makes it even better is the fact that this fan doesn’t even know the words yet.

Not mimicking the style of other singers, Jelly Roll decided to let his music reflect his life and his emotions. Although a vulnerable road to walk, the singer’s authenticity is what makes him a star. Even the singer himself admitted to not having the same voice talent as Chris Stapleton or Chris Young, yet he added,  “It’s way more gritty what I do and what Zach does – way more pitchy. But I think it’s filling a necessary void.”

Giving Something New To Country Music

Back when Need a Favor hit the airways, Jelly Roll discussed his style of music and how country music needed a change. “They were in need of some country that wasn’t, you know, truck-driven or hunting-driven, you know what I mean? Nothing against those two things, those are my favorite songs. I enjoy both. But I think I brought that to the table too. It was, ‘OK, we know we’re going to get a little something left of center from Jelly.'”

As for his song Need a Favor, it was released on his Whitsitt Chapel album in June 2023. The same year, the CMT Music Awards honored him with three awards surrounding another song of his, Son of a Sinner.

One Little Fan Can’t Get Enough Of Jelly Roll

That is where Janeen Hurley comes in. A fan of Jelly Roll, she decided to turn on Need a Favor while in the car with her two-year-old granddaughter in the back. The song barely started playing when the girl’s face lit up with excitement. Barely able to compose herself, the little fan travels through a series of emotions at rapid speed. Although young, the girl connects with the song and is easily one of his biggest, smallest fans.

With the video making its rounds, the girl’s mother, Tiffany, explained how her daughter loved the attention she was getting from the video. And it is only a matter of time before Jelly Roll sees it. He recently praised a boy for performing his Save Me song during his talent show.

Can you recall a singer you had the same reaction to when you were young? Be sure to share your story below.

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