Jelly Roll Makes Shocking Decision To Give Up His Phone

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2023 has been a wonderful year for Jelly Roll. Not only did he release his Whitsitt Chapel album in June, but he also received three awards at the CMT Music Awards. And that doesn’t include his Backroad Baptism tour.

With his career growing each day and his marriage to Bunnie XO flourishing, the singer has a great deal to be thankful for. While the end of the year is only a few months away, it seems Jelly Roll is taking some time to himself and reflecting on all the blessings over the last ten months.

Given Jelly Roll’s past with law enforcement and changing his life around, the singer did more than travel the country, selling out venues.

He also took time to visit jails, rehab centers, and juvenile centers in hopes of helping others change their lives. And again, this happened during his Backroad Baptism Tour. The singer explained how he stopped at nearly 20 shelters and centers, helping the less fortunate.

Jelly Roll Hopes To Dream Bigger In 2024

On top of giving his time, Jelly Roll also shared a portion of ticket sales to organizations centered around helping at-risk youth. Donating one dollar of every ticket sold, the tour raised an impressive $590,000 for the charities. In an Instagram post, the singer wrote, “My gratitude is at all-time high. I got emotional every night on stage — seeing the impact of these songs. Seeing people laughing, dancing, crying together was something I’ll never forget.”


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Recalling his own passion for writing, Jelly Roll admitted he never dreamed of selling out arenas around the country. “I never in my wildest imagination would’ve thought that it could’ve ended up in Arenas. I’m learning to be fearless and dream bigger because my plans were small compared to the plans God had for me.”

Although overwhelmed by the love and support, the singer explained how all the traveling and touring got the better of him. He currently is fighting a cold. But not letting it get him down, the singer shared that he was taking a break from his phone to be more present with family. “I’m going to get rid of my phone again and go phoneless for the rest of the year to focus on family and try to be as present as possible for my family.”

Bunnie XO Considers Husband A ‘Role Model’

Thanking all his fans, the comment section exploded with over 62,000 likes. One of those likes came from Bunnie XO. Referring to him as a king, she wrote, “You are the true definition of a king. Your integrity & the way you move is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. You are what a true gentleman, philanthropist & role model is. I’m so proud of you Angel baby.”

With Jelly Roll taking a break from his phone, do you wish you could do the same? Be sure to share your thoughts below.

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