Shania Twain’s Crew Hospitalized After Tour Bus Accident

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13 of Shania Twain’s crew members have been hospitalized after a severe crash on their way to the next concert stop. Is everyone safe? How will this affect the tour?

Shania Twain’s Queen Of Me Tour

Eilleen Regina Twain is a 58-year-old Canadian singer and songwriter. She is the top-selling female artist in country music history with countless more record-breaking achievements. Shania’s career began in 1995 with the release of her song “The Woman In Me.” Now, two of her most recognizable songs are “You’re Still The One” and “Love Gets Me Every Time.” Although Twain is from Windsor, Canada, she has lived in Las Vegas, Switzerland, and the Bahamas. She owns properties in each location, so it is difficult to pinpoint where exactly she is living at the moment.

On October 28th, 2022, Shania announced her “Queen Of Me” tour. This will be her 7th tour to date. The concerts began on April 28th, 2023, and will end on November 14th, 2023. Twain planned a total of 78 performances across North America and Europe, finishing in Vancouver, Canada. Up to this point, the concerts were running smoothly and enjoyably with astounding success. Shania Twain has been bringing joy to the hometowns of fans who have been waiting to see her for years. However, recent unexpected complications may affect how the tour ends.

Disaster Strikes

On Wednesday, November 8th, 2023, Shania Twain’s tour members were involved in a serious crash with multiple vehicles. This took place while traveling through Canada. A winter storm had ensued, causing iced roads and low visibility. The tour bus for “Queen Of Me” had completely rolled onto its side while traveling down Highway 1. Pictures of the bus have been shared, showing the vehicle toppled over with debris surrounding it. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police received the call around 7 am and rushed a total of 13 people to the hospital.

Although Shania has not made a public announcement herself, the artist’s managing group has made a statement about the incident to various news companies. This is what Twain’s manager told Page Six:

“One crew bus and one truck from the Shania Twain – ‘Queen Of Me’ tour were involved in a highway accident driving between Winnipeg and Saskatoon. Multiple vehicles encountered dangerous driving conditions due to inclement weather. Members of the production crew who require medical attention have been taken to nearby hospitals. We are incredibly thankful to the emergency services teams for their quick response and ongoing support. We ask for patience as we look after our touring family.”

Luckily none of the injuries were fatal and Shania Twain was not in either vehicle and the concerts should continue as scheduled. A rather unfortunate way to close out the tour season, but at least everyone is alright and plans are still moving forward.

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