Speculation Of Kacey Musgraves And Cole Schafer Break-Up

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Kacey Musgraves

There is speculation that lovers, Kacey Musgraves and Cole Schafer parted ways after dating for two years.

The famous country singer, Kacey Musgraves and her poet boyfriend, Cole Schafer’s beautiful romance together has allegedly come to an end.

An unknown source said that the relationship has been over “for at least a month,” and that the break up is all the buzz currently in Nashville, where Cole and Kacey both reside. It seems as if the couple has even stopped following one another on Instagram.

When Their Love Started

In a photo from June 2021, Kacey, 35, and Cole, 29, were first spotted together. This was about a year after Kacey had announced her divorce from singer, Ruston Kelly. Just a few days after she and Cole went official on Instagram, Kacey was spotted confirming her new love, to the New York Times.

They first met in an overly crowded restaurant. She stated they locked eyes and said, “he did not know who I was, which I loved.”

Ever since, she has been gushing about him, especially on her social media.

Kacey Still Has Cole’s Pictures On Instagram

On January 5, 2023, Kacey posted on Instagram, “Happiest birthday to the brightest flame in my world. My deeper well, I love you. . . I can’t wait to see what this year brings to you.”

While Kacey has been posting somewhat cryptic posts on her Instagram stories, she has yet to remove any photos of her lover from her feed. She also still remains on Cole’s Instagram posts, despite them unfollowing one another.

Aside from her cryptic Instagram stories, she has recently sold her furniture via Paloma Vintage Goods, on Instagram.

Will Kacey Musgraves Get Back With Ruston?

He recently did an interview admitting he was a cocaine addict and that’s what destroyed their marriage. Kacey wanted out. When he got sober after their divorce, he reached out to her for another chance, but she ultimately said no.

What Is Cole Up To?

Four days ago, he posted a new poem. It reads,

“Good Grief.
Time moves slower in grief. It’s a Molly hangover
on a Sunday afternoon. It’s emotional motion
sickness. It’s your heart pleading for the chance to
vomit all over your chest. It’s you fantasizing over
the moment you can finally get the f**k out of the
car. How much Longer? Three more hours. How
much longer? Three more hours. How much longer?
Three more hours.

It’s the feeling as a kid when the snow starts to
thaw and you try to ignore the grassy patches
bleeding through. It’s the episode of The Office
when Michael leaves. It’s the homesickness for a
home that burned down.

It’s a concussion. You can’t think. You can’t hear.
You stare at people’s lips and try to make out
what they’re saying but the words land on you like
rain on a window pane. It’s you watching the tears
roll down in wet ribbons as the hot air from your
lungs paints shapes on the glass.

It’s reminding yourself to breathe.

-Cole Schafer”

Have you been following Kacey and Cole’s love story for the past two years? What do you think of the speculated breakup? Comment and let us know!

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