Brad Paisley Teases Fans With Post Malone Collaboration

Brad Paisley Catches Post Malone's Cover
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Brad Paisley teased fans that a collaboration with Post Malone could possibly be coming. He also shared a behind-the-scenes story from the being in the recording studio with Post Malone.

Post Malone Love’s Country Music

Malone has made no secrets that he loves country music. He recently teamed up with Morgan Wallen and HARDY. They performed two Joe Diffee songs at the 2023 CMA Awards last month. He first showed his interest in country music in 2021 when he performed a Brad Paisley cover during a charity event, Since then, he and Brad have become friends and could be bringing us a collaboration together!

Brad Paisley made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, on Monday this week. Fallon showed Brad a phot he had recently shared on his Instagram feed including Post Malone and himself in a recording studio in Nashville. He asked Brad, “Is there a possibility that Post Malone could be on the new album?”

Brad replied, “We’ll see.” He jokingly followed with, ” as you can tell, I had no say in that photo.”

Fallon then joked that Brad is “along for the ride.” Brad agreed, “along for the ride is how it is with him. We’ll see what happens.”

They then laughed about Post Malones schedule, I worked with him a couple nights, to tell you how he rolls, and you know,” said Brad, “You’ve done this, too.”

Brad Teases A Country Collaboration With Malone

He went on to tease fans with a possible collaboration with Post Malone. “I’m hoping whatever we do in the future, we have to have some set rules. I was there all night one night, and the other night, I went home a little earlier. He calls me at 11 AM and says, ‘Hey if you can fix that one guitar part in the studio today, I’m going to bed.’ And it was 11 AM. That’s a bed time for him. You can’t roll with him.”

Fallon went on calling Post Malone an “interesting” and “lovable” guy. Brad agreed, “I love him. He’s the greatest guy, and he love’s country music. We’ll see if we do something.”


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Post Malone Confirms Future Country Album Heading Our Way

Post Malone recently confirmed he is working on a country album, on his Twitch livestream. “Country record is coming,” he revealed. “I keep singing a song that we made while I was in Nashville, and it’s so f**cking sick, but it’s not out.” He followed with, “We made such sick music down in Nashville… It was so much, so much fun.”

In April of 2024, he will be performing a set of country covers at the Stagecoach festival in California.

Brad Shares Praise For Post Malone’s Cover Of His Song

Their friendship sparked in 2021 at the fundraising event in Texas, We’re Texas, when Malone performed a cover of “I’m Gonna Miss her,” by Brad Paisley, and “You Can Have the Crown, ” by Sturgill Simpson. Brad posted the cover on his social media and wrote, “Always humbling when another artist does your song better than you. @postmalone, well done.”

After a snippet went viral online, Brad commented, “This is better than me.” Malone replied, “Brad, there’s no shot, man. I love you so f***ing much man, thank you for the love, dude. I owe you a beer, man. Text me, I’ll see you soon.”

Are you ready for their collaboration album? Comment and let us know!


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