Carly Pearce Asks To Duet An Intimate Song With Tim McGraw

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Carly Pearce, who will be touring with Tim McGraw in 2024, just asked an uncomfortable question about one of Tim’s intimate songs. This has left users on Reddit outraged and slightly disgusted. Read on to find out what Carly said that has everyone shell-shocked.

Tim McGraw’s “It’s Your Love”

“It’s Your Love” is a song written by Stephony Smith and recorded by Tim McGraw and his wife, Faith Hill. The song was produced in 1997 as a part of Tim’s Everywhere album. It has served as a time-old declaration of Faith and Tim’s love for each other. McGraw and Hill have been married since 1996, after meeting two years prior during a gig in Nashville. The couple have raised three kids together, all girls. Each daughter is well into their 20s now, all living successful lives.

The main lyrics to the song are:

“It’s your loveIt just does something to meIt sends a shock right through meI can’t get enoughAnd if you wonderAbout the spell I’m underOh, it’s your love.”

Carly Pearce Makes An Uncomfortable Comment

On Carly’s Instagram earlier this week, she shared a video of her singing “It’s Your Love.” Alongside her is Nick Huddleston, who plays the guitar. The caption states, “I literally can’t wait to hear this song live every night next year on tour. Hey @thetimmcgraw if you ever need a duet partner, I know a girl 😉.” Maybe it was the winky face or the general social blindness to the situation, but some fans found this odd. A member of r/CelebWivesofNashville pointed out this post, saying they felt it was an inappropriate comment.

Carly Pearce
byu/Former-Wealth-795 inCelebWivesofNashville

Many users in the comments agreed with this statement and agreed that Carly Pearce should choose a different song for a duet. Even though some people were not too freaked out about the song choice, they simply found her behavior to be cringe. Here are some of the most popular comments:

“Isn’t she going on tour with him? It would make sense for them to perform together during the shows, but yeah I’d pick another song….”

“I don’t know who needs to hear this, but the only person Tim should sing it’s your love with is Faith.”

“She needs someone else to control her socials. Faith is gonna beat the [sh*t] out of her 😂.”

“I loved Carly so much, but I think now that her peak is kind of over she’s getting kind of cringe and grasping so hard to hold onto it.”

However, many comments felt like this Reddit post was reaching for unnecessary drama. Others also pointed out that Tim had reshared the Instagram post, praising Carly for her talents. It’s clear Tim isn’t too unsettled by her comment.

What are your thoughts? Was this inappropriate for Carly Pearce to ask this of Tim McGraw?

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