Tim McGraw Wins Fan Appreciation For Perfectly ‘Normal’ Christmas Tree

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Over the years, country music’s royal couple, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, keep the heartfelt and homespun feel of the Christmas season like no other family. Even with their grown daughters pursuing their callings and spreading their wings away from the nest, the dedicated mom and dad still make the Christmas season a special priority– but that doesn’t mean that the family tree needs to pass the standards of Better Homes & Gardens.

As it happens, Tim McGraw sees plenty to love about this year’s McGraw family centerpiece, complete with an off-center angel. Read further to discover how the country king elaborates on this year’s brightly-clad symbol and celebrations of the holidays.

The angel’s little lean has meaning for Tim McGraw

Undeniably, the brilliant glow from the white lights adorned by red and golden-trimmed ribbons is dazzling, as noted by Yahoo. Much like the decor of millions of other families, though, the angel perched atop the tree has a little trouble standing straight. As with his music, Tim McGraw finds the deeper meaning in the cherubim.

“Merry Christmas! Hope everyone is finding some peace at this time of year,” the Mary and Joseph singer opens his remarks on social media to accompany the glowing tree. “I know the angel is leaning, kind of a metaphor for life, I guess,” Tim McGraw continues. “But we all have faith for, and faith in, a better tomorrow…”

In closing, the hitmaker hones in on the heart of the matter. “Love one another, after all, that’s the real message,” Tim McGraw implores.

Every person has winds of life that force them to “lean” one way or another, physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. We have to learn to live with those seen and unseen forces and try to let them mold us for the better, like a canyon or a great cliff. Tim McGraw has faced and fought his share of those winds, holding onto the love of Faith Hill through the gales.

Quite a change from 2020

Naturally, like every family, the McGraw clan cherishes the memories of Christmases and Christmas trees past. Country Music Alley chronicled the adventure of climbing quite another tree back in 2020.

In quite another social media share, Tim McGraw playfully offered photos of himself going higher and higher to the peak of the vaulted ceilings of the home he shares with Faith Hill. He then posed a multiple-choice question: “A: Santa’s lead flying reindeer” or “B: wife trying to get rid of me before Christmas.”

Fortunately, there were no reports of fatalities at the McGraw home, and the family survived to celebrate another joyful Christmas, complete with dad Tim McGraw’s “secret recipe” sauce for “noodles and gravy,” the annual family favorite.

Fans surge in support for the slanted seraphim

Not surprisingly, a surge of support and compassion flooded through the comments following Tim McGraw’s poignant post, as iHeartRadio via MSN conveys.

“The leaning angel means you’re normal,” one fan offered. “Thank you for being normal.” Tenderly, another echoed, “Beautiful and so true!  Merry Christmas to you and your family. Hug them a little extra this holiday season.”

Undoubtedly, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill need no reminders on that one. After all, Faith Hill’s A Baby Changes Everything encapsulates everything about the sacred season of Christmas and the meaning of family. The parents feel it every day.

“Beautiful tree and beautiful message,” one contributor sums up. We all lean under unique struggles and circumstances, and the Savior understands.

What are your thoughts on Tim McGraw’s Christmas tree this year? Let us hear from you in the comments and get updates on your favorite country artists with Country Music Alley.


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