Garth Brooks Ditching Nashville For Hollywood?

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Is Garth Brooks ditching Nashville for Hollywood after a lack of respect? That’s what the internet is saying. Keep reading for all the details on the true story about his future.

Garth Brooks Opens Dive Bar

In one of his most famous songs, Garth Brooks slips down to the Oasis to drown his sorrows with his ‘friends in low places.’ It took over 30 years for the singer to capitalize on the song’s popularity and create a bar inspired by the song’s title.

Nashville’s latest hot spot opened two months ago. The musician/bar owner performed a special concert for the grand opening of Friends in Low Places Bar & Honky Tonk.

He assured fans earlier in the summer that his new bar would serve Bud Light among conservative backlash against the alcohol brand.

If you missed the grand opening concert, you’re in luck. It’s available to stream on Amazon Prime. There’s a second version featuring American Sign Language interpreters.

Aside from the opening event, Brooks doesn’t plan to perform regularly at the dive bar. Instead, you can find him in Vegas for his “Plus One”  residency.

Is He Ditching Nashville For Hollywood?

There’s a claim going around social media that Garth Brooks is leaving Nashville over a lack of respect. He has faced online hate since taking a stand in the Bud Light controversy, with many complaining that Brooks has gone “woke.”

The rumors of Garth Brooks leaving Nashville were trending on Twitter last month. One former fan advised the singer, “Want respect? Be respectable!

Did Garth Brooks really give an interview declaring his intention to leave Nashville?

No, he didn’t. It’s another “news” article from a satire site that some people mistakenly believed was a legitimate news outlet. The article from the satire site America’s Last Line of Defense also claims that Garth Brooks was dropped from his label, had his Vegas residency canceled, and the dive bar closed.

The singer actually just extended his Vegas show through the end of 2024. This isn’t the first time that the “We Shall Be Free” singer was the subject of fake news.

A previous article claimed he was booed off stage. However, Garth Brooks isn’t the only target of fake articles. Another claimed Mark Wahlberg was returning to his musical roots to join Jason Aldean and Kid Rock on tour.

Speaking of Jason Aldean, did he really turn down an offer to play at the Super Bowl? Dolly Parton, however, does keep declining the Super Bowl halftime show.

Did you fall for the fake news that Garth Brooks was leaving Nashville?

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