Mickey Guyton Making the Most of Another ACM Awards Moment for COVID-19 Hunger Relief

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Country music singer-songwriter Mickey Guyton is hardly new to most revered stages in her industry.  Next week, she will treat viewers and other luminaries in her industry to her stunning vocals and songwriting gifts when she sings “What Are You Gonna Tell Her?” on the 55th ACM Awards telecast on September 16.

Mickey Guyton is grabbing attention for all the reasons these days, and the star is determined to use her rising platform to shine a spotlight on some critical needs right now.  The COVID-19 crisis is not only a global health emergency; the economic fallout for countless families brought hunger into focus as never before.   Full-employment for parents dropped to barely part-time as quarantine and closures went into effect.   The priority to put food on the table for growing families was further impeded by school closings, which removed vital nutritional lifelines.

As Yahoo confirmed on September 10, Mickey Guyton will be featured in a “special moment” during the ACM Awards broadcast, highlighting the collaboration between Wells Fargo, Feeding America, and the ACM Lifting Lives initiative in the goal to provide 50 million meals to those in need.

Making ends meet is a struggle Mickey Guyton understands

As a personal pledge to herself, Mickey Guyton vowed to give up the formula for success that Nashville so often prescribes.  Rising artists are encouraged to choose songs that don’t make anyone uncomfortable.  For far too long, country music has been dominated by male artists on playlists, singing “good time” songs. The songwriter started to not even see herself in the music that captured her heart as a girl singing in church.  Early in 2019, she made it her quest to write from her own personal truth.  Along with “What Are You Tell Her?,” “Black Like Me” emerged from her own heartfelt pain in the wake of the Black Lives Matter eruption spotlighting racial inequality and law enforcement brutality.

In one of her lyrics, Mickey Guyton extols her father, who “worked day and night for an old house and a used car.”  She relates how the path “just to have that good life” should not be “twice as hard.”

Mickey Guyton has worked hard to celebrate this moment, personally and professionally.  She recently announced the news that she and her husband, Grant Savoy, are expecting their first child.  The perspective of being a parent puts hunger in sharper focus.  There is nothing dearer to any parent than being able to provide sustaining nutrition to a child.  This new mom made it clear how blessed she felt to be chosen as “this baby’s mama.”

Wells Fargo released video footage of its collaboration with Feeding America on September 10.  The message from Mickey Guyton was not included, but the Yahoo feature story shared a photo of the artist at a desk with a book resembling a diary.  Whether she is singing or speaking, Mickey always keeps her message authentic.

Celebrating ‘Bridges’ and creating bridges to survival

Today, September 11, is a day to celebrate for Mickey Guyton for another special reason.  Her first new music collection in five years, the EP, “Bridges” is out now.

Along with her deeply reflective and poignant tracks, songs like “Salt” are in the collection.  The upbeat, bass-driven song highlights the warning from Mickey Guyton about the femme fatale in the bar.  “You think you’re getting sugar, but boy, you’re getting salt,” the singer admonishes.

Wells Fargo is expanding the mission of its work with the Feeding America support of the ACM Lifting Lives COVID-19 Response Fund by donating an additional $100,000 to the effort.  ACM Lifting Lives is the philanthropic branch of the Academy of Country Music, and funds raised go to support economic and housing stability for those impacted by the virus in the music industry.

Wells Fargo has also transitioned its bank branches in 20 cities to become hubs for the contactless distribution of food in the Feeding America Drive-Up Food Program, which supports the safety and well-being of all involved.  The food supply provided to each family is meant to last from one to two weeks and includes nonperishable items as well as a balance of produce and meats.  Mickey Guyton is just one of the high-profile endorsers of the largest food relief organization in the country.

Salt is indeed a necessary mineral for the human body, but without the essential foods, survival is at risk. Mickey Guyton doesn’t want her message swept away in the music.

The power of faith matters to Mickey Guyton

As unforgettable as her powerhouse voice can be, going from flirty to heart-wrenchingly pure and soulful, Mickey Guyton is a woman of deep faith. Hers was among the stellar voices alongside Chrissy Metz, Carrie Underwood, Lauren Alaina and Maddie & Tae for their 2019 rendition of “I’m Standing With You” from Breakthrough on the ACM stage.  The singer shared that she and Carrie Underwood prayed before the performance.

In her new song, “Bridges,” Guyton proclaims that it’s going to take more than “prayers and wishes” to “forget all we know and find some common ground.”  Healing can’t happen overnight, and hearts take a long time to mend.  Every step forward is progress, though, and Mickey Guyton understands what it is to stay patient and believe.  She’s making every moment count.

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