Tim McGraw Takes Famous Advice That Few Words Work Best in Marriage

Tim McGraw
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Country music megastar Tim McGraw makes no secret of his love for his multitalented and marvelous luminary in her own right in the country music stratosphere, Faith Hill.  The “Undivided” singer insists that next to Hill’s vocal prowess on stage, he’s just a hack.  Nonetheless, Tim and Faith live out their love story through decades of cherished songs and through the struggles that come to every marriage.  This coming October, the couple celebrates a quarter-century of their enduring bond in marriage.  It is a milestone with meaning in an era when most high-profile marriages don’t manage to survive one full news cycle.

As a recent empty-nester, with youngest daughter, Audrey, now pursuing her path in life in New York City, it seems only natural for Tim McGraw to muse over the memories of the years with his three daughters.  The devoted dad also delights in seeing their futures unfold and can pass on some of his guy-skills to buddy, Garrett Hedlund’s son, Rhodes, when Emma Roberts, in his role as godfather.  Roberts and Hedlund are finding that even runs to the grocery market present challenges for new parents.

Believe it or not, Tim McGraw picked the brain of one of his stellar screen heroes on the subject of marriage, as MSN per Radio.com confirms.  Harrison Ford immaculately portrays the man of few words and decisive action in Air Force One, Witness, and a myriad of other memorable roles.  Ford shares “the best advice I heard for a long marriage,” McGraw praises.  The point comes across in very few words.

Harrison Ford endorses a less-talk marriage tip with Tim McGraw

By the numbers, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have the more steadfast union in marriage over Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart.  By the time Ford and the Ally McBeal star came together in 2002, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill had six years under their belt and three growing girls.  Audrey was not quite a toddler at the time.  Flockhart and Ford married in 2010.

Longevity alone doesn’t build commitment, and Tim McGraw probed his pal on life-wisdom.  The wait was worth it. Harrison Ford serves up a veritable gem of marital advice to McGraw.

“Well,” Harrison Ford opens his comment, with a flair better than that of a movie script. “I’ve learned to say the least amount of words that you can possibly say to keep yourself out of trouble.”  Tim McGraw instantly knew he had a keeper on maintaining commitment.  This counsel resonates quickly with the “Shotgun Rider” singer as something “to go along with,” as Tim explains.

Husband and wife fans of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are probably rushing to keep the reminder, too. Hopefully, it doesn’t get lost between the birthday and anniversary memos from last year.

Words and memories that matter from Tim McGraw

When it comes to offering a mea culpa, Harrison Ford’s wisdom works fine.  When it comes to the people Tim McGraw loves most, the “Hallelujahville” hitmaker shows his love with the most touching words and memories that any loved one can imagine.  Today, on St. Patrick’s Day, Tim shares a fitting Irish tribute to his late father, Tug McGraw.

“Tugger’s favorite holiday… Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!” McGraw captions the black-and-white photo of the man who gave the Phillies their “You gotta believe!” mantra to victory.  “Pope Tug” emblazes the touching salute.

Only days ago, Tim McGraw gives tender and true words to the only woman in his life longer than Faith Hill—his mom, Betty. Far better than any cake or something wrapped in a bow, the son honors his mother’s fortitude in “raising 3 kids” while enduring mental and physical abuse.

“She did it with grace, wisdom, and most of all, fierce protection of her babies,” the famous son extols. Betty keeps Tim McGraw’s bumper stickers on her car.  Her legacy shines in the lives of each of her children.

Tim says it with feeling

It’s always a woman’s day in the Tim McGraw world, and that reality is completely fine with him.  He observed International Woman’s Day with a candid glimpse of his daughters alongside their proud, playful mom.  The lovely ladies are “the heart and soul of all I do,” the papa describes,

Tim McGraw turns the idea that Valentine’s Day is a contrived marketing tool on its head.  His pledge to his eternal Valentine last month ranks as high in the heartfelt category as his anniversary honors to Faith last year and the completely personal and powerful words to each daughter on their birthdays.  He lifts the love of his life as “the best girl for me ever,” elaborated with mom, wife, lover, and friend to finish the list.  A montage of photos is warm enough to melt steel.

It takes staying in for the long haul

There’s a lot to be said for a man who is man enough to enjoy almost every episode of Downtown Abbey with his daughters.  The life-partner who pledges “The Rest Of Our Life” to his wife doesn’t take commitment as a lighthearted song.  Tim McGraw sees that marriage takes a united mission.

Tim McGraw only teases with the guidance that “sitting in the corner and being quiet” is the winning strategy for a successful marriage. On the contrary, the 53-year-old adamantly stresses that “it’s a conscious decision that this is what you want to do and this is what you want your life to be and how you wanted to play out.”

Love and respect are essential elements up against any struggles, Tim McGraw agrees. The core of success is staying committed to the critical conscious decision.  It comes day by day, week by week, and sometimes minute by minute, but even for country superstars, it creates love to last.

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