Tim McGraw Celebrates Daughter’s Birthday with Tender Duet Memory

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It doesn’t take a birthday for Tim McGraw to celebrate his incredible wife and country music queen in her own right, Faith Hill, or their three talented, generous, and independent daughters. Most recently, however, it was her dad himself who got birthday honors on his May 1 54th celebration.  As a Country Music Alley feature highlights, Faith really understands her husband’s interests and passions, in every sense.  She presented Tim McGraw with the highly acclaimed and coveted book by Edward Rutherford, China: The Novel.

As delighted and anxious as Tim McGraw was to “dig in” to the historical fiction chronicle dating from Mao’s Cultural Revolution of 1839 to the present, and its parallels to failings in Western cultures, Faith Hill ensures that he doesn’t forget passion of another kind.  The bride of nearly 25 years (this October) shared her own personal birthday accompaniment to define “This Kiss.”

Hill shares a throwback photo of herself and Tim McGraw in a whole-body embrace amid a rapturous kiss.  It’s no surprise that she calls her husband “my guy” and “my one and only” in her caption.  With the same kind of fire that sparked on the Spontaneous Combustion tour back in 1996, it’s also no surprise that Tim and Faith’s oldest daughter, Gracie, greeted the world on May 5 of 1997.

Every parent feels the years fly by from diapers to an adult destiny with their children.  Tim McGraw openly confesses his wonder at the pace Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey set in taking on the world and their futures.  At the same time, the empty-nester papa who sings “You Had to Be There” and “Love You Goodbye” bursts with pride over his girls and chooses a touching, impromptu road-trip duet with Gracie to mark her 24 years, as Taste of Country notes.

Gracie and dad take over for Barry Gibb and Barbra Streisand

“What Kind of Fool” is a cherished duet between Bee Gees brother and founder, Barry Gibb, and the unmistakable Barbra Streisand.   The love ballad came into being long before Gracie McGraw, or even her parents’ union.  Nonetheless, the tune seems to be tailor-made for the oldest McGraw sister.  She dives in beautifully on the verses and the chorus, where Tim McGraw helps out with harmonies on the video, which was first shared around a year ago on Country YouTube channels. The backseat is filled to overflowing with Gracie essentials, and fans will notice that Tim brushes away a little something from his eye on the second singing of “Who’s sorry now…” from the verses.  There’s total love on display, in 2015, and in Tim McGraw’s words to his daughter today.

In a playful mashup, Tim McGraw adds a second editing of the car-ride karaoke.  It includes a delightful crackup between dad and daughter when the “Humble and Kind” artist tries to mimic Barry Gibb’s inborn falsetto.  This is a fun drive for this doting duo.

Tim McGraw talks Gracie’s unconditional love

Whether she’s singing Bette Midler in her backyard, along with a sweet canine partner, or practicing a classic from Wicked or Aida, Gracie McGraw oozes with spirit, gratitude, and self-acceptance in all she does.  Her inner strength is a gift from both her parents.  Tim McGraw didn’t boast about his daughter’s vocal gifts on her birthday.  His focus centers on her marvelous personhood.  McGraw dubs his daughter “a jewel in the world.”

“Happy birthday to my oldest baby girl—24!” Tim McGraw opens his celebratory remarks.  Naturally, the proud dad can’t help but mention that his daughter is “so talented and capable.” “She can do anything she sets her mind to,” the parent assures.  “Above all,” McGraw continues, “she has a heart of gold,” one that loves family and friends “unconditionally.” Most parents explain how they have no idea of what unconditional love is until a child is born.  Gracie McGraw and her sisters have a storehouse of that unexplainable emotion to draw from throughout their lives.

The permanent reminder that Papa McGraw probably loves

No one knows where Gracie McGraw will be singing next.  One thing is sure, wherever she is,  people remember the presence, personality, and talent of the 24-year-old.  The pandemic put a pause on much of the live performance world that Tim McGraw understands.  Like her dad, his eldest daughter didn’t let the situation stop her from singing or from beaming positivity to the world.

Gracie McGraw never needs to look far if she feels lonely for dad, mom, and the country comforts of home.  In another story, Taste of Country covers the aspiring McGraw sporting a brand-new tattoo last week.  The artwork in ink displays an exquisitely designed cowboy boot.  Of course, guesses are that the design may be inspired by her father’s authentic footwear.  That is for only Gracie to know.  It’s perfect timing that the new body art comes just before her birthday and just-in-time for Tim McGraw and the whole family to admire.  They can at least appreciate the symbol from a distance until the next loving, vaccine-legal get-together.  On birthdays and all the days in between, the McGraw-Hill clan knows that home is where the heart is.


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