Jimmie Allen Openly Carries A Large Knife At Kids Football Game

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Jimmie Allen recently attended a youth football event to show his support for a family member. However, the artist brought along a large hunting knife with him. Why is that?

Short Introduction Of Jimmie Allen

James Edward Allen is a 38-year-old country singer and songwriter from Milton, DE. He began his career in music in October 2017 with his first released song titled, “Underdogs.”  Now the singer’s most popular song is “Best Shot” which was co-written with Josh London and J.P. Williams. Although Jimmie was signed under BBR Music Group, the record label dropped him because of his second sexual assault charge. Allen currently has a wife and has just welcomed his third kid to the family.

The artist has faced two separate sexual assault allegations that led to legal action. He has denied and rebuked both cases, one of which was filed by his former manager. There has also been trouble in paradise with his wife of 3 years, Alexis Gale, after Jimmie cheated on her. The two have been trying to work things out after taking some time apart. It is safe to say that things have not been easy for Allen recently.

Jimmie Allen Carries Knife At Youth Football Game

At a Pop Warner game in Lewes, DE, that took place earlier this week, Jimmie showed up to show his support for a family member. Seems like an average thing for a father to do, no?

However, Allen had a large knife on his side, and none of his kids were a part of the game he was watching. Luckily, the singer seemed good-spirited and friendly. He was wearing a yellow hooded sweatshirt and light-colored jeans with simple tennis shoes. Even though Jimmie had his hood up, his face was fully visible and recognizable.

Jimmie Allen Carrying Huge Knife at Pop Warner Football Game
byu/RobMurglund inCelebWivesofNashville

Some members of the popular CelebWivesofNashville group on Reddit had this to say:

“Does it bother anyone else that he didn’t even have a kid at the game? Like aren’t his kids all younger?” –u/hotmama5050

“At this point, it looks like things are going to get even worse than they already are with him. Seems like has really gone off the rails. Worries me for his kids.” –u/countrylovin89

“He looks psychotic.” –u/FreedomRiderWarrior

Members of the social media site (aka Twitter) have the opposite view. The few people who commented on TMZ’s post do not see this situation as a problem.

Unless Jimmie Allen makes a statement about this situation, it is unknown why the artist was carrying a knife at such an event. Just like openly carrying a gun, it is likely just a form of self-protection. Allen also fancies himself a fisher, which means he carries items like this on his person frequently. With everything Jimmie is facing in his life, he may also simply be erring on the side of caution.

What’s your take? Is Jimmie Allen in the wrong for carrying a hunting knife at a youth event?

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