Dolly Parton Swears by Old-Time Beauty Products, Stays Away from Sweats

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Dolly Parton understands that a classic never fades.  The country music songwriting wonder crafts and timeless, classic music as naturally as breathing, it seems.  At the same time, Dolly Parton never forgets her Tennessee mountain roots in Sevier County.  She knows the sacrifice, the sweat, and the endless hours that her father and mother poured out to support 12 children.  The “My Mountains, My Home” singer knows the value of a dollar beyond any bank statement.  Parton proves more than ever through the pandemic that helping people is the most worthy investment.

Dolly Parton candidly describes developing her signature style over decades, including her essentials of makeup, her wigs, and high heels, as Country Music Alley details.  Naturally, makeup and beauty supplies never made it to any shopping list for the Parton clan during the girlhood years of Dolly Parton or her sisters.  The “Backwoods Barbie” artist often found herself in heated disputes with her father over using household substitutes to achieve the “painted lady” look that she so admired.

As noted by The Daily Mail and Yahoo News, Dolly Parton doesn’t mind the lessons she took on stretching a dollar through life.  The ageless 75-year-old praises that some longtime drugstore favorites keep her youthful glow.  When it comes to her casual style at home, though, don’t expect Dolly to ever be in sweats!

Never a complete tear-down for Dolly Parton

Today’s social media is a far cry from the weekly newspaper known to some rural families.  Dolly Parton is acutely aware that eyes behind prying cameras are literally everywhere in the celebrity world, looking for any viral sensation.  She’s not about to get caught not camera-ready.  Fearing that “I might have to go out in the middle of the night” amidst a natural disaster or other emergencies, wherever she is, Dolly stays in her makeup overnight and cleans her face every morning before becoming presentable again.

“I don’t like to go home and just tear down completely,” Dolly Parton stresses.  She teases that “My poor husband has to look at me!”  Only days past their 55th wedding anniversary, it’s crystal clear that Carl Dean and Dolly Parton share a devotion and a sense of humor that runs deeper than anything on the surface.  The two have forged a love to stand, and Parton stands by some cosmetic favorites as her chosen beauty products.

Drugstore aisles work fine for Dolly

Millions of now-grown daughters (with grown daughters of their own) remember a nightly ritual of Pond’s Cold Cream for their mothers during a rare private minute or two.  Dolly Parton turns to the staple cleanser every morning to maintain her youthful glow.  Almay mascara also makes the famed country girl’s go-to list, as do “a lot of Maybelline products” Parton verifies.

The national treasure agrees that “I tend to still love a lot of old beauty products because I’m an old-timer, too.”  Fans certainly disagree, because the very best never gets old and Dolly Parton has so much more to sing about and bring healing from her vivacious spirit.  Her “Rockin’ Years” are still to come on the stage—not settled on the front porch just yet.

Dolly Parton does have a bit of a hard time finding one beauty favorite.  She considers Max Factor’s Pan Stik to be a standby.  She’s kept it faithfully at hand “for all of my grown years.” However, the brand famous for being the pick of Hollywood stars is less widely available.  “I have to order it from different places because I can’t find it anymore,” Parton insists.  Several outlets likely go to whatever lengths it takes to keep Dolly Parton as their contented customer, no doubt.

Dressing down never means sweatpants to Dolly Parton

in a recent interview for the Wall Street Journal’s “My Monday Morning” column, Dolly Parton declares that sweatpants are never her preferred casual attire at home.  Instead, the “Touch Your Woman” singer throws on “a dress-type teddy” made of very soft fabric.  In cooler temperatures, she wears matching shirts or jackets from the same fabric and style.  She calls them her “baby clothes” because of their comfort and feel.  The prolific Parton is known to write more than a few songs while comfy around the house.  It’s no wonder why she and Carl don’t like intrusive neighbors tromping through the yard.

“I don’t think you have to pay tons of money for good makeup,” Dolly Parton asserts.  She certainly kept cost, value, and quality in mind with her fragrance, “Scent From Heaven,” which makes its full-sized, full-fledged debut on July 28.  No one will ever possess the same generous, courageous heart or gritty, unfailing spirit as the unmistakable Dolly.  Nonetheless, if a little whiff serves as a reminder of the lady herself, then that’s okay, too.  No matter the makeup, the essence of Dolly Parton is true.

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