Mickey Guyton Receives a Rally of Support After Her Baby Son Becomes Social Media Target

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Country music songstress Mickey Guyton did more than her part to make the nation’s birthday memorable.  The 38-year-old “Heaven Down Here” artist takes listeners to the heavens with the soaring rendition of her collaboration with Diane Warren, “Without a Net.”  Guyton joins the revered country music veteran, Alan Jackson, and the high energy from Jimmie Allen and other performers on A Capitol Fourth on PBS.

“Without a Net” is a featured song from the soundtrack of Stuntwomen: The Untold Hollywood Story, released in 2020.  In this instance, though, Mickey Guyton dedicated her performance to the young people who rose to meet every challenge in recent years, as host Vanessa Williams describes.  Mickey dazzles beyond any Roman candle in lacy red, and her moving choruses lift souls to the stratosphere.

Due to health and safety restrictions during preproduction for the special, performances had to be pre-taped.  At the close of the performance, Williams notes that Mickey Guyton, her husband, and baby son are “ready for fireworks.”  “They’re coming, Mickey,” the host pledges.  Sadly, Mickey Guyton finds herself in a flare on social media after a user needlessly and cruelly targets her son, Grayson, as MSN per People and Bustle confirm.

Mickey Guyton sacrificed and poured endless hours of effort, sweat, and tears through the decade of hard work to reach the stages she takes today.  The devoted mother is not about to “shut up and sing” when it comes to defending her child.  She has a lot of support coming from all corners.  You go, mama bear, Mickey!

Mickey Guyton calls it as she feels it

All luminaries in entertainment, country music stars notwithstanding, cope with more than their share of heartless, numbskull attacks on social media.  In a sense, in today’s culture, it comes with the territory.  When it comes to the children of celebrities, however, it’s a different matter entirely.  No child asks to be probed and poked by a public they never know– nor does any cherished child ever deserve it.

It comes as no surprise at all that Mickey Guyton goes into full defense mode when user, Crystal (here with added numerals omitted) attacks Grayson, just born in February, as “the ugliest child I have ever seen.”  The viciousness of the verbal assault continues with racist comments against Guyton, but it’s the targeting of Grayson that hits mommy Mickey hardest.

“This deserves front and center attention,” Mickey Guyton proclaims on Instagram.  “You came for my child,” the “Black Like Me” singer asserts.

Country Music Alley followed the Mickey Guyton’s pregnancy journey from her overjoyed announcement of the pregnancy to the arrival of Grayson Clark in February. Despite all of her first-time mommy fears, facing labor, all those sleepless nights of not knowing exactly what to do, she praises that I’m so thankful to God that God chose me to be this baby’s mama.”  The bonds of love only grow deeper now.

Not by coincidence, Mickey Guyton gains support from a gaggle of righteous country music moms, and one dad, who stand in her corner completely.  She’s still got the most gorgeous little guy on the block, too!

The mom (and dad) corner cheer Mickey on

“Enough Is Enough,” Mickey Guyton shares with the coverage by People.  “Say what you want about me, but don’t come or my innocent, 4-month-old child, the “Bridges” artist implores.  “Shame on you, Guyton admonishes, before concluding “I am beyond tired.”

Seemingly, in no time, a high-powered channel of support starts to flow for Mickey Guyton.  LeAnn Rimes chimes in with “I mean, I can’t with this kind of bs… Who has time for this?” the experienced stepmom and “Blue” singer openly asks on the weekend when most folks are savoring a family day.  Rimes reassures Mickey that “This is not a reflection of you.”  “I’m so sorry,” LeAnn continues, affirming that “your little man is ADORABLE and you are welcome and wanted WHEREVER YOU DA*N WELL CHOOSE TO BE!”  “I love you,” Rimes closes her encouraging remarks.

Morgane Stapleton is another full-time mom and a frequent fixture beside her husband on stage.  Emphatically, she urges Mickey Guyton to “Hold your pretty head high.”  She reminds that “you and your precious family are loved by so many.”

Assuredly, Jimmie Allen has no mom card, but he is a very “hands-on” dad who knows Mickey Guyton well.  The “Pray” singer adds both a dose of sobering reality and sweet encouragement to the mix.  He writes that “The truth is, these are the types of messages we get all the time.” Nonetheless, Mickey’s good friend ends on a high note.  “Good thing you know who you are sis and your worth.  These lost hearts can’t take your smile,” Allen extols before closing with “Love you” and a heart.   Cassadee Pope offers some pointed words for the offender, also.  A slew of fans registered their rousing support for Mickey and reported the user’s account.

Mommy says it best

Mickey Guyton felt the unvarnished brutality and sting of racism early on in her career.  At the same time, no audience refuted her immense talent. While executives and label heads tried to mold her into their image of what a female country singer looked like, she learned to sing and speak from her own unique and personal truth.  Everything changed from there.

Ultimately, as a mother, Mickey Guyton understands the dilemmas that her beautiful son faces as he grows. Even so, like every mother, she deserves the right to celebrate her son without restraint or fear, just as she deserves the right to sing from every stage, anywhere.

The proud mother displays another darling photo of her beautiful, bright-eyed boy on July 2.  “God is my light.  Gray is my life and I will defend him at all cost,” Mickey Guyton reiterates as only a mother can.  “I love y’all,” she closes in typical Texan style.  “Thank you for all your support.  It is greatly appreciated.”  Grayson is blessed to have a mother with such truth and passion and so is the country music world.

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