Tim McGraw, Faith Hill’s Daughter, Gracie McGraw, Back to ‘Feeling Good’ After Depression Bout

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There’s no dispute that Gracie McGraw has a dynamite voice.  In the case of the eldest daughter of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, vocal talent is naturally part of the family inheritance, not to mention the legacy of hundreds of timeless songs between the life partners who sing “The Rest of Our Life” with authentic devotion.

Only last month, Gracie McGraw demonstrated her affection for Barbra Streisand yet again, this time with the passionate “The Way He Makes Me Feel,” as Washington Dailies confirms. Once more, the 24-year-old McGraw sister delivers a flawless rendition in her sweet summer miniskirt and two playful buns gathered on her head.  Fans remember a Country Music Alley profile from last November to highlight Gracie McGraw belting out a big number from Broadway’s Wicked and relating a father-daughter road trip, complete with a duet of Streisand’s “What Kind of Fool” with her proud papa, Tim McGraw.

Tim McGraw reprised and celebrated the tender musical moment with Gracie McGraw for her birthday this year, praising her as “so talented and capable” and someone completely able to “do anything she sets her mind to.”  The dad saves his highest praise for his daughter’s “heart of gold” and how she “loves her family and friends unconditionally.”

Sometimes, love needs a little help…

Clearly, Gracie McGraw is beloved by her parents, sisters, and a circle of friends.  Nonetheless, dark days and hurtful self-talk slip into life and rob joys of daily life for most folks at different periods in life.  Gracie displays her gift for reflection and candor in a Hollywood Life feature on July 11.  The month doesn’t start on a happy note for the determined and typically buoyant daughter, but Tim McGraw and Faith Hill can still take comfort and pride in how their “oldest baby girl” uses her thoughtful honesty to support others.

Gracie realizes the trouble

From her guidance on wearing the right bra to refusing to be defeated or deflated by a completely tone-deaf store clerk, Gracie McGraw endears herself to her 40,000+ followers in many ways.  Continually, she is a bold ambassador for body acceptance and body positivity.  The sister advocates for inclusivity in all she does as an aspiring artist, including her song choices. To top that, Gracie is an animal lover, too. McGraw chose her sweet canine as her dance partner to Bette Midler.  Tim McGraw and Faith Hill know they have a brood of dog lovers!

Gracie McGraw openly confesses that “I’ve been in a really bad depressive episode”  for about three weeks, as she writes in her notes app on social media.  She reflects on how coming to “a headspace I haven’t been in for a long time” brought her to “binge eating so much” that the daughter felt “so alone and so ugly.”

Of course, those perceptions are totally untrue but remain perfect examples of how any person can fall prey to negative self-talk.  As it happens, talent and status are never tonics for depression.  The only way out is to go through and to confront false thinking with truth and support.  Gracie McGraw has Tim McGraw and Faith Hill forever in her corner, and plenty more cheerleaders, too.  This is one gutsy girl!



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Inner thoughts and negative self-talk can be triggers for depression

Gracie McGraw is considerate to readers in describing that her recounting of this painful phase perhaps marks a “trigger warning” (as she writes in all capital letters).  In some detail, she describes thoughts and feelings, and some of the exact words that “were some of the worst things I’ve never said to myself.”  McGraw describes muffling her sobs on a walk home one night, before literally falling onto the floor once inside her door.

The Mayo Clinic offers relatable help for replacing negative self-talk with realistic, reasonable goals.  Assuredly, Gracie McGraw knows she has 24-hour love and support only a call away from Tim McGraw, mama Faith Hill, and her sisters, Maggie, 22, and Audrey, 19.  Although the McGraw ladies are each pursuing their own path in career ambitions, they have open, generous hearts in common and always make time for one another. Gracie has the strongest girl power possible at her disposal.

The aspiring artist was fully aware that “I really need to get back to myself or I was going to fully lose it. “  Gracie McGraw already shows a new sense of self-care, saying that “Feeling better takes a while, so I’m taking the wins as they come.”  She closes with “Happy to be human again.” Tim McGraw and Faith Hill had to smile reading those words.

A loving reminder from Gracie McGraw

Coincidentally, Mrs. Tom Hanks, actress Rita Wilson, rushes with a reply to remind Gracie McGraw “you are loved and accepted exactly as you are.” The “Throw Me a Party” singer also tenderly cautions that “Life isn’t this one moment” before closing with “Thank you for sharing angel.”

Gracie McGraw confesses her discrepancies with grammar, too.  However, no punctuation is necessary when she shares her heart with followers.

“Life is stressful as sh@t,” Gracie McGraw, frankly declares, without the flair of a Tim McGraw song but showing the same honesty as her dad.  “If you ever feel like you can’t pull yourself out of something, ask for help,” the daughter pleads. “You will always have a support system no matter who that person is to you in your life.”  Gracie also concedes how “I got out of this but so many cant.” She closes with “Remember to love yourself and to let other people love you because you deserve it.” Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have reason to beam with joy over their girl.

Climbing up

Sometimes, a routine can be a wonderful strategy in a return to normal, and Gracie McGraw undertakes an entire cleaning of her apartment room as a first step.  She shares her pictures of the effort, exuding relief in being “on the UP” as she writes.

“You’re so brave and strong, Gracie” one responder stresses.  Another relates how “posts like these really help people feel less alone.  I know that for certain because I am one.”

Whether in a country music song or a straight-from-the-heart message, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and their daughter, Gracie McGraw, are fully aware that words, faith, and love have the power to overcome any negative force.

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