Tim McGraw, Faith Hill’s Daughter Gracie McGraw, Proves ‘Wicked’ Good Pipes in Broadway Style

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Gracie McGraw, the oldest daughter of country music’s royal couple, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, has been turning heads lately.  About two weeks ago, Gracie went bold, dramatic, and brunette with new, gorgeous hair color.  Her youngest sister, Audrey, was among the first to cheer the change for Gracie McGraw.  Several friends chimed in with approving words of their own.

Last week, the oldest of the McGraw sisters took a swirl on a stripper pole and her moves made a giant impact on her self-image.  Gracie McGraw is an ambassador for body positivity, body acceptance, and overall positivity in the world.  “This is for ME!” she asserted unapologetically.  Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have raised each of their daughters to be involved, independent, and generous young women.  The passionate parents convey the same passion and in supporting each of their girls.

The McGraw girls have goodness and strength

Middle daughter, Maggie, got full support from mom and dad, and several of their country music friends, in coming together for Feed the Frontline.  The middle McGraw sister served as the Nashville vice president of the initiative last May.  Tim McGraw and Faith Hill certainly were flooded with pride as their daughter expressed being raised with the sense of obligation to always “give back” in whatever way possible.

Gracie McGraw gushed that her pole maneuvers made her feel “POWERFUL and ABLE.”  She declared that the choice was the “best workout for my mind and body,” adding that she felt “in charge and like a freaking boss.”  Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are very “present” parents in the lives of their girls.  Tim has surprised Gracie onstage with her band before.   It wouldn’t be too shocking if faith Hill turned up at the pole studio for some tutoring from her daughter!

Billboard shared another glimpse of Gracie McGraw in another stellar moment.  Her surging confidence and glorious voice are destined to take her to Broadway!

A standing ovation is due to Gracie McGraw for her ‘Wicked’ offering of ‘The Wizard and I’

As she sips wine from a martini glass “because I wanted to,” Gracie McGraw introduces “Showtunes Sunday.”  “I’ve been getting a lot of requests for ‘Wicked,’” the singer relates.  She admits that she’s seen the musical eight times, like millions of other fans who have gone under the musical’s entrancing spell.

Gracie seems to float as she sways to the lilting introduction of the classic.  She is pitch-perfect as she eases into the opening of “The Wizard and I” which speaks of “the talent that could be” in almost prophetic possibilities for Gracie McGraw.  Whether Tim McGraw and Faith Hill were watching or not, hearing their daughter like this had to bring chills of joy.

The lines of another verse fit perfectly for Gracie McGraw, projecting that if her dream comes true, “No father is not proud of you/No sister acts ashamed.”

Gracie McGraw already has the constant love and support of Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and all her siblings, along with admiring friends.  That treasured support will never change, no matter where the daughter’s talent, determination, and dedication take her.

Her dad and Gracie McGraw take on Barbra Streisand

Tim McGraw and his daughter can turn a casual drive into an unforgettable duet. In a YouTube video shared by Country Cast last year, Gracie McGraw joins in on the Barbra Streisand/Barry Gibb song “What Kind of Fool” from the 1980 album, “Guilty.”

From the poignant emotion of the verses to the questioning chorus, Gracie McGraw sings the ballad as if it was written for her.  She’s probably sung it thousands of times.  Tim McGraw gives backing vocal support here and there.  At one point he’s silent and seems to wipe “something” away from his shaded eyes. No one can blame this father for being so proud of each of his girls.  He captioned the video on social media with “PIPES! Dang, this girl can sing!”

Clearly, Gracie McGraw has a lifetime supporter.  Tim McGraw’s hashtag was #Chaseyourdreams, affirming his daughter.  It’s more than her talent that steals her dad’s heart.  In her 23rd birthday post this year, Tim McGraw called his oldest girl “the sweetest, kindest heart in the world,” honoring her beauty “inside and out.”

Gracie McGraw can sing it all, ask Tim McGraw

A career in show business takes confidence and courageous talent.  Gracie McGraw sang with her sisters on Tim McGraw’s 2007 song “Last Dollar (Fly Away.” Just eight years later, the two sang together on stage with “Here Tonight.” Let’s not forget that she also fronted her own alternative-rock band, Tingo, too. The name is supposedly Samoan, but there’s no question about the lead singer’s voice.

Gracie McGraw finishes “The Wizard and I” with an astounding flourish and energy.  Her caption reads that “this is the healthiest my voice has sounded while singing this song TO DATE!”  As the song further imagines the world as a dynamic duo, Gracie McGraw has no worries about her cheering section.  Whenever Broadway calls their beautiful daughter, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Maggie, and Audrey will be front and center and the first to stand with heartfelt ovations.


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