Dolly Parton Feels Deeply For The Woes In The #FreeBritney Turmoil

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No matter how many projects Dolly Parton keeps simmering on her busy stove in life, the national treasure remains a portrait of grace and country music’s welcoming hospitality.  This week is no exception.  In celebration of her dream come true, a fragrance of her own, the stellar singer-songwriter whipped up a reassuring, faith-affirming “theme song” to accompany her “Scent From Above.”  Of course, Dolly Parton believes that her gift of music is a divine gift, and the song, “Sent From Above” reminds listeners that love is eternal, just like a song that lives in the soul.

Being the ever-gracious guest, Dolly Parton offered a birthday serenade to the Watch What Happens Live host, Andy Cohen, during her visit a few years back.  Dolly loves commemorating special days with special people in her life. Andy Cohen joins notables like David Muir and Hoda Kotb in receiving special salutes from the attentive Parton.  As it happens, Dolly drops in to chat with Andy again this week, and the subject turns to the tumult in the world of Britney Spears.  The cultural icon holds a high opinion of the “Toxic” singer and hopes the ill effects from the conservatorship battle are not lasting, as MSN per Yahoo and the Daily Mail convey.

Dolly Parton knows the pain of legal battles

“I think she’s a wonderful artist,” Dolly Parton affirms of Britney Spears. “And I think she’s a wonderful girl.”  Artfully, “Coat of Many Colors” artist lovingly deflects wading in too deep into the deeply personal saga for the Spears family.  The inquiry comes from a fan. As always, Dolly  maintains her hopeful outlook, saying “I only wish her the best.”

“I understand a lot of those crazy things,” Dolly Parton attests, recalling her difficult and complicated years with Porter Wagoner, which she dubbed as a “damn-near” marriage. “I went through a lot of that myself,” Dolly declares, recalling her efforts to break out on her own after staying with Wagoner beyond the time allotted per her contract.  Parton wrote “I Will Always Love You” as her farewell gift to Porter.  She even conceded to his request to produce the original song.  Nonetheless, the syndicated TV host sued Dolly Parton for $1 million.  At the time, “That was money I didn’t have,” the premier philanthropist relates.

Ultimately, the professional partners settled out of court.  Dolly Parton was with Porter Wagoner when he died in 2007.  He told her he was sorry about the legal feud.  She extended her forgiveness and reiterated her thankfulness for the springboard he provided to her career.  It’s hardly a wonder why Dolly advocates for things to resolve “the way that it should” in the case of Britney Spears and her family.

Harmony comes easily with Reba

Dolly Parton fields a huge variety of questions on Watch What Happens Live.  She responds to inquiries about her wardrobe for a “casual errand” to undertaking a Las Vegas residency.  To the first, she insists that anytime she’s out, it’s high heels, her wigs, fully dressed to Dolly standards and make-up. She teases that “When I’m in a wheelchair, I’ll have my high heels.” Her fans know she means it!

As for the idea of a Las Vegas residency, Dolly Parton flatly admits “I don’t want to work that hard,” at this point in life.  She elaborates on the effort it takes to mount a full-production show on the Strip. For her part, she’s content to “just tell stories through my songs,” which still resonate through six decades.

Reba McEntire has a few years less in the country music business and the calendar than Dolly Parton, but both queens possess the same passion for a great song and the joy of singing together.  A UPI feature confirms that Dolly and Reba combine in perfect harmony on the song, “Does He Love You” on McEntire’s upcoming album.

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Dolly Parton says that “we really sounded good together.”  She was careful not to divulge too much information.  However, Dolly does predict that “I think fans are going to like it.”

Give Dolly an Olive

Just as in her songs, Dolly Parton thrives in the natural world.  She loves taking trips in a camcorder with her ever-faithful, but constantly camera-shy husband, Carl Dean.  Parton departs for rustic songwriting retreats, delighting in creating choruses under the shade of a tree.

In contrast, Dolly Parton doesn’t talk much about nights on the town. Still, when Andy Cohen asks if the country girl from Tennessee has a cocktail of choice, Parton doesn’t shy away from the answer.

“I’m not a big drinker, but I like a martini” Dolly Parton, if describes.  “It’s in a nice glass, and it has an olive,” she speaks regarding the appeal of the favorite.  “It hits you pretty hard,” Parton further cautions.  “That’s why the olive kind of offsets the other things.”

As an artist, a friend, or an advocate, Dolly Parton always shines with style.  Country Music Alley shines the light on all your favorite artists and new music!

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