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No one but Dolly Parton herself knows if the legendary country music songwriter, singer, author, and movie star tunes into ABC World News Tonight in the evening.  The creative dynamo gets more done before the sun comes up than anyone in show business, so it’s not surprising that she turns in early.  January 19 marked a milestone birthday for Dolly Parton. She makes every one of her 75 years can count as a blessing to others in some way, and she proved it more than ever in 2020.  News anchor David Muir paid tribute in the most special way in his broadcast.

David Muir put Dolly Parton in prime position

Regular viewers of ABC World News Tonight know that David Muir has a penchant for putting deeply personal and moving features at the end of every news broadcast.  Almost everything Dolly Parton did leading up to her special day fulfilled her personal credo to “Do something, Say something, Be something” which serves as a light to lift another person up and glorify God.

Most often, David Muir and World News Tonight producers choose to put the most touching profiles into the “Person of the Week” feature.  Since Dolly Parton’s birthday didn’t fall right on Friday, her birthday salute and heartfelt wish were part of the Index feature in the final minutes of the broadcast.  Experts say that everyone remembers what they hear last in anything that gets attention, and that is particularly true when Dolly Parton is involved.

Naturally, Muir mentioned the $1 million donations from Dolly that became a major funding source of the Moderna vaccine against the virus.  Dolly Parton’s commitment to put her money where her heart is no doubt made it possible for millions of people across the globe to celebrate birthdays they might never have otherwise.  The Emmy-winning news journalist gave the gifted songwriter the last word, taken from her social media post.

A wish from the heart

“This year for my birthday my wish is a call for kindness,” Dolly Parton implores.  “We can’t just hope for a brighter day, we have to work toward a brighter day,” the “I Still Believe” songwriter encourages.  Parton writes that love “too often gets buried in a world of hurt and fear.” She declares that her birthday marks the time to “get to unearthing love.”

Whether Dolly Parton is a news junkie or not, the artist and David Muir share a mutual admiration.  The entire network took a tip from the evening news.  Birthday love for Dolly was everywhere on ABC, including Good Morning America.

Fans have many of the same questions for David Muir and Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton did everything except send shovels to her fans when she pleaded that everyone needs to “work to dig it [love] out so we can share with our family, our friends, and our neighbors.”  With division so dishearteningly on display from the nation’s capitol in early January, the acclaimed artist’s wisdom on love, hate, and human behavior seems so on target.

“We can’t save the world, but we can save the world we’re living in,” Dolly Parton reflected in a Country Music Alley feature last November.  Every act or expression of love is a start.

David Muir and Dolly Parton have very different careers, but when it comes to their fans, they often have the same questions.  Frequently, viewers will worry that Muir either “doesn’t look well” or really “seems rested.” Loyal watchers look for any sign of marks, freckles, or baggy eyes in the 47-year-old intrepid anchor.   Dolly fans do the same thing, except they usually wonder about their musical idol’s tattoos, which are Parton’s way of turning life challenges into positives after medical procedures.

Children all across the world beg to touch the ABC anchor’s distinctive and somewhat chiseled hair when David Muir is on-assignment.  Dolly Parton tells everyone she doesn’t go anywhere without her wigs, onstage or sitting for a chat.  Both Dolly and David value honesty, but also know how to protect their private lives.


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David Muir is already on the Dolly Parton birthday list

Dolly Parton has discussed that she loves watching crime-related shows in her free time.  She loves seeing all that detectives can find from a single leaf.  The singer who had a hit about a backwoods boy named “Joshua” years ago never specifically mentions if she prefers cable news or major network programming.  She already showed David Muir that he was on her special birthday list back in 2018.

“I still can’t believe this,” David Muir responded after Dolly Parton dressed to the nines and added an only-Dolly flourish to her “Happy Birthday” for the anchor with “I will always love yooouuu,” at the end.   This mutual admiration society will last for many birthdays to come.

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