Oliver Anthony Shows Gratitude And Encourages Selflessness

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Oliver Anthony, a small artist that blew up last week, is back with a new inspiring message to fans. He asks those watching, “What are the next steps to make life better for people?”

Oliver’s Recent Success

Oliver Anthony went from a small artist to a country star last week after uploading his song “Rich Men North of Richmond” on YouTube. The video had 7.4 million views and 440 thousand likes two days ago. Today, it has 12 million views and 691 thousand likes. Remember, the video itself had just been uploaded 6 days ago. Within not even a week, the video has over 7 million views, and his song makes it number one on iTunes. That is an impressive feat that very few artists have managed to conquer.

On top of this, Oliver Anthony was surprised to have Jamey Johnson appear at his performance and join him on stage to sing “In Color.” This took place at Morris Farm Market in Currituck, North Carolina. The event was an astounding success, as crowds of people showed up to a rather small venue.

Oliver Anthony Shows His Gratitude

Oliver signed and took pictures for around 4 hours shortly after the show took place. He was more than happy to spend time with the fans that flew or drove from out of state. It was not short greetings either. He sat down and spoke with each person individually about their life and their battles. He tells his audience that it is not him or his abilities that made this song, but it’s his fans and the people that resonate with his music. According to Oliver Anthony, it is all thanks to his audience that the song is what it is.

Anthony’s Post “Moving Forward.”

In response to all this attention, Oliver Anthony uploaded a post simply titled “Moving Forward.” This was uploaded on YouTube yesterday and currently sits at 425 thousand views and 57 thousand likes. “This song is not… some masterpiece that I’ve created… The masterpiece and the emotions of the song, it already exists within you. Sometimes it just takes the right song coming along to let those out,” says Oliver. He then asks, “What can you, in your own life, do to maintain this energy? This positivity, this unit that I see among people like I have never seen before.”

Oliver Anthony follows, “What are the next steps to make life better for people? What can you do for your Neighbor?” He goes on to explain that things change fast, and communities are not as strong as they were in the past. Regardless, humans still carry a lot of compassion despite all the focus that has been centered on hate. Oliver Anthony then encourages viewers to do a good thing for people they would not normally spend time with. “Everyone has a really interesting story if you just give them the time to talk,” Anthony states.

The Message Takeaway

With the rise of technology and the business and distraction that it brings to the average human life, it is true that disconnect is happening. Oliver Anthony is pushing to change that. He wishes to reconnect communities the way they connected at his show. No matter how different each person is, Oliver encourages his fans to embrace and learn from those diversities.

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