Tim McGraw Says He Would Not Be Alive Without His Wife

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Tim McGraw shared in a recent interview with Apple Music that he would not be alive if it were not for his wife. Is it true that his career would be in the ground without Faith Hill?

Apple Music delivered an interview on August 24th, 2023. Zane Lowe sat down with the country singer, Tim McGraw, to talk about his new music and about his past. McGraw goes into some detail about his life growing up with his father and healing from his childhood traumas. He also delves into the family life he has now and how he and his wife, Faith Hill, manage it.

Tim And Faith Wed While Swamped With Work

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are coming up on almost 27 years of marital bliss. According to Tim, that is “92 in showbiz years.” The couple is still clearly in love, so where did it all begin? The couple made it clear they wanted a family early on. They also decided they wanted that family to come first. McGraw and Hill got married when they were both 29 years old. At the time of marriage, both of them were very busy with their careers.

Both Tim and Faith’s team were worried that their relationship and marriage would interfere with their work at that time. However, with both of their success, Tim and Faith decided it would be a perfect time to start a family. Their schedules were flexible, and they had the income to start and maintain their family foundation. Their careers ended up exploding more because of this newfound work-life balance.

“If we are strong enough to do this, we are strong enough to do anything.” Tim McGraw said about creating his family.


The best girl for me ever… The best mom, the best wife, the best lover, My best friend…. #faithhill #valentinesday #perfectmatch

♬ My Best Friend – Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw Shares The Secrets Of His Marriage

There is a whole segment about Tim McGraw’s family life in this interview. He says some inspiring things about his relationship after talking about early marriage life. For starters, he talks confidently about his family foundation and the bond he has with not only his wife but his 3 kids as well.

“When you are having days where you are not feeling confident, then she is the one that makes me feel confident. When you are having days where she is not feeling confident, then I make her feel confident,” Tim says about Faith Hill.

Getting to perform together, whether it be singing, touring, or acting, also allowed a lot of bonding between McGraw and Faith. They have a lot of interests, especially artistically, that they can share with one another.

“I guarantee you, had I not gotten married to Faith at 29 years old, A. I probably would have run my career into the ground and B. I would have died.” He then says his career would never have been where it is now if it were not for his wife.

What do you think about what Tim McGraw said about his marriage to Faith Hill? Share your reactions in the comments below.

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