Oliver Anthony Shares Special Keepsake From His Grandfather

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Oliver Anthony shared a very special image today (August 26th, 2023) on his Facebook. This new artist is known for speaking the truth and giving food for thought. This social media post shows that it runs in the family.

Oliver Anthony Shares A Keepsake From His Grandfather

Oliver posted a simple picture on his Facebook profile that shows a framed picture with a simple scenic background and a short poem. The caption states, “Something I inherited from my Grandfather that means a lot to me.” The poem Anthony shares is about living a successful life. That entails a life full of laughter, love, respect, and accomplishment. The most striking line, and the one that received the most comments, would have to be the following:

“Who leaves the world better than he found it, whether by an improved poppy, a perfect poem, or a rescued soul.”

Oliver Anthony follows these teachings well, not only through his actions but also through his words. Many of his lyrics are poetic in nature and express things that would live up to this poem’s expectations. It is clear Anthony wants to better the world. He views the good in people and craves diversity. This, in turn, has garnished the respect of many. The comments under the post prove that point, telling Oliver that he is a good man and that his grandfather would be proud.

Fans Share Their Own Meaningful Comments

There are nearly three thousand responses to Oliver Anthony’s post. Most of them simply continue to encourage and praise the artist, but a few also share their own stories and interpretations. Here are a few comments that stuck out:

Angie Hall Milstead: “Sounds like my dad. Good folks who built this country. I’m glad they are not here to see where we are, but my dad sure would have loved your message.”

Steve W Rogers: Oliver, I wanted to tell you you’re awesome… I’m 55 and it’s nothing like it was when I was younger, but hearing you and your songs is uplifting a light to this country. Stay strong man.

Holly Billingsley Cabe: “I appreciate you. My husband and I grow trees for a living. We dig our living out of the ground too, but can’t save much because we are taxed to death—like 2 teacher salary taxed. It’s ridiculous.”

A user named Donnie Laskey Sr. was inspired to share a poem in the comments as well.

This message has struck a chord with many, just like anything else that Oliver Anthony would post. What he chooses to write himself or shares indirectly continues to inspire people all across the globe.

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