Oliver Anthony Releases A New Song About The World Today

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Oliver Anthony is back at it again, already dropping a new song after only three weeks. This one is titled, “I Want To Go Home.” This piece is filled with meaning and raw emotion, despite its dark themes.

Short Background On Oliver Anthony

Oliver Anthony is a country artist who gained fame overnight and is now heading mainstream with his music. He is well known for his popular song, “Rich Men North Of Richmond.” The original post is still holding #1 trending in the music category on YouTube. Oliver has done two public performances, both of which were highly successful. He is also scheduled to take the stage at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival, the biggest rock festival in North America.

Oliver Anthony Drops “I Want To Go Home”

Oliver is known for his sincere lyrics. He is not one to gloss over a topic, he states things as they are. This next song is yet another truth to that statement. Oliver Anthony spills his heart out while singing “I Want To Go Home,” sharing snippets about his fight with mental health and staying alive for his dogs and God.

“Well, if it won’t for my old dogs and the good Lord
They’d have me strung up in the psych ward
‘Cause every day livin’ in this new world
Is one too many days to me”

Anthony also sings about how he feels the world is on the brink of war, and society is straying from religion. Violence and greed seem to be surging all around, clouding our judgment.

“Son, we’re on the brink of the next world war
And I don’t think nobody’s prayin’ no more”

Oliver Anthony Receives Astounding Success

Oliver Anthony uploaded this song under a day ago, and it is already #1 trending on YouTube and has 1.5 Million views, and 170 thousand likes. The video is still gaining traction at a rapid rate. Fans are praising him for his work and the message he is sharing. Here are a few comments left by viewers:

@jayf4602: Oliver, I’m not sure you understand how much this world needed to hear your music right now. My ears love it, my heart needed it!

@Techie-oh: When you sing. “I didn’t used to wake up this way, cussing myself every damn day. People have really gone and lost their way.” That hits home so hard it hurts. Thank you my friend the world need your voice right now more than ever, keep up the amazing work!

@Mavcornbread: Your music is connecting all of us together. These lyrics are hitting us all. Your hurt from all this crap, in music form, is something we can all relate too. Great job brother!

There are thousands of comments, all saying how much the song meant to them. It is crystal clear that Oliver Anthony’s music is having a heavy impact on the country music community, and many people outside it too. Oliver is easy to relate to and understand on a humanitarian level, unlike many artists with his level of fame. People have left their stories in the comments and shared how this song reached them. There are comments with paragraphs about their struggles and encouragement for others going through the same.

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