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Oliver Anthony
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Country singers don’t get much hotter than Oliver Anthony. That may be why he released a new song today on YouTube – he’s striking while the iron is hot. Oliver Anthony’s latest song is “90 Some Chevy.” He posted it to YouTube and, within no time, he had over 80,000 views.

Who Is Christopher Anthony Lunsford?

Christopher Anthony Lunsford uses the stage name Oliver Anthony. He chose the name to pay homage to his grandfather and the Depression era his grandfather grew up in. Oliver Anthony appears to have shown up from nowhere and stormed into the country music scene. He just might be a true overnight success. Everyone seems to be loving (and relating) to his music.

Anthony is from Farmville, Virginia, just about an hour west of Richmond. This is a small town with a true small-town feel. Based on the music he has released so far, he is sticking to his small-town roots, writing and singing about what he knows best.

Lots Of Firsts For Oliver Anthony

Anthony is the first songwriter to debut at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 without any prior chart history of any kind. He is also the first male songwriter to chart 13 at one time in the top 50 Digital Song Sales while still alive. Both Prince and Michael Jackson have both done this, but only after their deaths.

Oliver Anthony has had a number-one song, “Rich Men North Of Richmond” without a record deal. This is definitely a rarity. Then again, a lot of what this newcomer to country music is doing is rare. He may not be without a record deal for long though. John Rich has offered to produce his first album.

The Fate of Oliver Anthony’s New Song

Only time will tell what will become of Oliver Anthony’s newest song, “90 Some Chevy.” If it follows the path of “Rich Men North Of Richmond,” it will be number one in no time. Based on the numbers so far, it appears it will also do extremely well.

Despite all the success Anthony has had in such a short time, this country superstar-in-the-making wants to keep things simple. He has been reported as saying he wants to take things slow. He doesn’t appear to be interested in signing with a record label. He also doesn’t appear to be interested in large stadium tours and the spotlight that follows.

Take A Listen To Oliver Anthony’s Latest Song

Seeing that Oliver Anthony probably won’t be touring soon, visit his YouTube channel, Oliver Anthony Music, to listen to “90 Some Chevy.” Sound off in the comments and share your thoughts and feelings about his newest song. How exciting is it for Anthony to have a new song out? Is it as good as his previous music? Will it be at the top of the charts soon?

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