Oliver Anthony Teases A New Song “If It’s The Lord’s Will”

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Oliver Anthony, a name now well-known in the country scene, is hinting at a new song. The songwriter originally known for his song “Rich Men North Of Richmond” is once again spilling his truth through music.

Fans could not be more pleased with the teaser they are hearing and eager to hear more. What is the hype with this new song?

Oliver Anthony Teases New Music

On August 26, 2023, Oliver Anthony posted new music on his TikTok and YouTube channels, another song full of genuine emotions and stories. Here are the lyrics he spoiled:

“Well they called me a one-hit wonder
A flash in the pan
Better sign on the line while you still can
We’ll give you four tour buses and a five-piece band
They’ll be shoutin’ your name all over the land

But that ain’t me
It ain’t what I am
I’m just the son of a son of a free-livin’ man
And I still got a roof up over my head
A good-hearted woman lyin’ in my bed
Some damn good fellas that call me a friend
An old double barrel that my grandad did
And if it’s the Lord’s will, then I will”


New song I’m working on.

♬ original sound – Oliver Anthony

The song speaks about Oliver Anthony’s experience with fame so far, and how he is remaining humble about it. The artist is admirable for being so “normal” compared to other celebrities of his stature. Not many singers turn down million-dollar record labels or continue to stay in the music industry simply to produce art. Anthony is highly unique in that sense.

Fans Excited To Hear More From Oliver Anthony

Oliver’s comment sections are full of encouraging messages. Viewers are anxious to hear more and are again pleased with his raw lyrics. Everyone is also supportive of his decision to not sign with a record label. Here are a handful of those comments:


@darrinfraser:I love it man! Want to hear the whole song. Bring it brother. 👍🏼

@jus_chill901: “You’re starting a revolution keep preaching.”

Cameron Hatch: “With 630k likes man doesn’t even need a label let the fans pay what a record label would.”

@skunkyswamp: “Produce yourself, folks will support you. You actually made this rock fan like country again❤”

Current View And Like Count

On TikTok, Oliver Anthony’s post has nearly 7 million views and over 775 thousand likes. On YouTube, his video has 1.2 million views and 145 thousand likes. Keep in mind, these uploads have only been up for 10 days. Knowing Oliver Anthony, these statistics will continue to skyrocket. It is truly impressive the traction this artist is able to produce within a matter of days.

When do you think we will hear the full song? Will it live up to fan expectations?

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