Luke Combs Addresses Morgan Wallen Reaching Top Charts

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Emmalynn Miller

Two of the biggest names in country music right now, Morgan Wallen and Luke Combs, are neck to neck in popularity. Who is going to tip the scales?

Luke Combs’s Recent Success

Luke has hit number one on country radio charts for all 17 of his singles throughout the years. Most recently, his 17th single “Love You Anyway” claimed that spot, booting his cover of “Fast Car” down to number 2 on the chart. According to Taste of Country, “This marks the first time any artist has held both the No. 1 and No. 2 spots with separate solo songs in the Country Airplay chart’s 30-year-plus history.” Luke Combs, 30 years old, has been making history since 2015 and continues to grow by the day.

Morgan Wallen’s Recent Success

Like Luke Combs, Morgan is no stranger to impressive statistics. The artist also gained heavy traction in his music starting in 2015. Wallen hit a slight bump in his career last year after facing cancellation for alleged racism. However, that has not stumped his growth in the industry. Wallen’s “new album One Thing at a Time tops the Billboard 200 with the year’s best single-week tally, while also storming the Billboard Hot 100,” stated BillboardThe album was dropped in March 2023.

Luke Combs Shows His Support

In an interview with Grady Smith, Luke Combs addresses the competitive fame between him and Morgan Wallen. This took place in June of 2023. Near the middle of the interview, Grady asks Luke, “You are constantly getting compared to Morgan Wallen, does this bother you?” To which Combs simply replies “Not really, no.” The two then talk about how the community always wants rivalry between artists. It is said that Zach Bryan, Morgan Wallen, and Luke Combs seem to be stuck in a competitive triangle.

“… We’re just constantly compared… All three of us couldn’t be more different in a lot of ways, musically speaking,” Says Luke Combs. He then goes into Morgan Wallen’s success, “I think there’s no argument, Morgan is out-streaming everybody in the world by double, it’s insane. I mean the numbers are insane… It’s either him or Taylor Swift at the top, I’m number 4. It’s crazy.” He then states he has held number 4 on the charts for those last couple of months, with Morgan consistently holding number 1.

Grady also asks Luke Combs if he is a “chart nerd” and keeps up with the statistics. The artist replies, “I don’t pay a ton of attention to it, I just see it on my feed every week.” Despite his starting popularity, the artist remains fairly reserved and unbothered about his rank in the music industry, which is admirable.

There you have it, Luke Combs himself believes Morgan Wallen is, or was, more famous than himself. What do you think? Has that changed since June?

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