Dolly Parton Remembers Her ‘Mama’ Helping Shape Iconic Look

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Looking past all her awards, Dolly Parton did more than prove herself as a pillar in country music as she used the platform to launch herself into the world of business. Much like country music, she has spent the last few decades helming her own theme park, writing books on her life, giving back to those in need, and selling over 100 million albums worldwide. And at 77 years old, the singer doesn’t seem to be slowing down as she hosts the What Would Dolly Do? radio show. To kick off the first episode, the icon decided to share some secrets about her favorite looks and the one person who always supported her.

Although Dolly Parton recalled taking inspiration from the “town trap”, she admitted to being “innocent” when it came to boys at that time. While she had her priorities in place, Dolly recalled the families in her town believing she was running around with numerous guys. “I was wearing too much makeup, and a lot of the mothers in school thought that I was a bad influence on some of their girls, thinking I was too cheap, a little too this, too that.” To the surprise of the parents, the singer insisted, “Their daughters were the ones that were making all the trouble, running with the boys and all that. And I was actually pretty innocent in that respect.”

A Mother’s Love

While Dolly Parton received a fair amount of stares and comments about her looks, she praised her mother for seeing her for her even with a preacher as a father. “My mama was my grandpa’s daughter and my grandpa was a preacher, so Mama was more flexible than Grandpa. Because Mama, she understood that I was just trying to be myself.”

With her mother by her side, Dolly Parton admitted to learning a great deal about clothing. What makes her even more special is how she didn’t judge when it came to her looks. “If I would say, ‘Hey, Mama, when you sew this little thing, put a little padding so I can push my boobs up just a little.’ Mama would say, ‘Well, you better not tell your daddy I did that.’”

Dolly Parton Heading To Dallas

Not always a fan of the way she dressed, Dolly Parton loved her mother for trusting her while also trying to caution her. “She knew that I was a singer and I was creative and that I was different. And so she tried to keep me in check as much as she could. But she did understand.”

And proving that she can do anything, Dolly Parton will celebrate Thanksgiving with the Dallas Cowboys, performing at their halftime show to kick off the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign. Overjoyed about the opportunity, Dolly said, “My goal is to encourage everyone who can to donate and support their neighbors in need. Every small act of generosity helps, and together, we can all love our neighbors this holiday season and beyond.”

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