Wynonna Judd Credits Fans For Being Her ‘Guardian Angels’

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Back in February, Wynonna Judd said farewell to the legacy she created with her mother, Naomi Judd, when she performed the final show of The Judds: The Final Tour. Sadly, Naomi passed away in April 2022. While fans wondered what the future looked like for Wynonna, she is currently preparing for yet another tour.

Traveling to over a dozen cities, the Back to Wy Tour will feature songs from her first two solo albums. Although the singer has spent what seems to be her entire life in the spotlight, she recently discussed how this tour was more for the fans than her.

A Fan Of Post Malone?

Although on the cusp of another tour, Wynonna Judd found time to travel to Atlanta to stand among fans at a Post Malone concert. Before discussing her on tour with ET, she swooned over the Sunflower singer and his amazing talent. She said, “He is a great singer and his melodies. You know, so much of music, sometimes, it doesn’t have melody as much anymore. He sings. I could not have loved his show more.”

While seeing Wynonna Judd at a Post Malone concert might be out of place, she insisted, “If you go see his shows, you know, it’s real easy to judge the book by the cover and all this stuff that you hear. He’s got the most tender heart, he’s got a baby, he’s in love, he’s happy, he’s pretty darn normal in a sense because he’s very present. He’s smart and he’s just so creative. And I saw his show. It’s one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.”

Wynonna Judd Thanks Fans

Besides listening to Post Malone, Wynonna Judd shared her excitement about her upcoming tour and how she couldn’t thank the fans enough. She explained how there were several times in her career where she didn’t believe in herself, and yet the fans were always there, lending a helping hand. “I could not have done it without you. You believed in me more than I believed in myself.” Admitting to how broken she was in the past, she shared that standing on stage in front of her fans felt like looking at “guardian angels.”

Wynonna Judd hopes to connect with fans during her shows, helping them through her gift of singing. She also wouldn’t mind if they noted, “Man, she’s still got it.” But at the heart of the singer, she insisted, “I’ve come really close to failure so many times but I’ve had some great successes and I’m celebrating that on this tour. This tour is about stopping and saying thank you to the fans. I could not have done it without you.”

Have you ever had the chance to see Wynonna Judd perform live? If so, what was it like? Be sure to tell us in the comments below.

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