Wynonna Judd Talks Overcoming Food Addiction And Health Scare

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For many fans of The Judds, they remember Naomi and Wynonna Judd touring the country and controlling the charts with 19 number-one singles. Since her start in country music back in 1983, Wynonna Judd watched her entire life change in April 2022 when her mother passed away before the duo was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Although living a life in the spotlight, Judd recently discussed the numerous hurdles she overcame throughout her career including a car accident and food addiction.

Before losing her mother, Wynonna Judd struggled with her own health dating all the way back to 2010 when she was a victim of a car accident. Discussing the events, the singer explained how a driver fell asleep while driving and slammed into her SUV. According to the singer, “They life-flighted him, and I walked away because the rental company upgraded me to an SUV because they love my music.”

No More Doughnuts

Besides dealing with recovery, Wynonna Judd also suffered from blood clots that almost took her life. “I had some surgery to repair my stomach wall and I had a major blood clot go through my heart, and the doctor says I should have died. I was in the studio two months later singing with blood clots in my lungs.”

After numerous health scares, Wynonna Judd decided to tackle her weight and has since lost an impressive 55 pounds. The singer revealed the changes she made, claiming, “My weight was a symptom and not the problem. I used food to soothe and reward, and I don’t do that anymore.”

Knowing her own weakness, Wynonna Judd admitted to not allowing doughnuts in the house. “Very seldom will you see donuts in my house because I can eat a box. It’s like a chip, I can’t eat just one.” Although watching her food intake, the singer also got serious about her exercise. With a beautiful home in Tennessee, Judd noted she takes walks up a hill on her property. She added, “I can walk up the hill behind my house without puking.”

Wynonna Judd Stops Performance

Although healthier, Wynonna Judd had another health scare in February 2023 when performing in Dayton, Ohio. Never wanting to stop the show, she waited till a stool was brought out for her, saying, “I’m really dehydrated, and I’m having a hard time, so wait a second. I just have to take it easy right now, and that’s OK. I’m a perfectionist, and I can’t do it unless it’s right.”

After finishing her set and performing with Little Big Town, Wynonna Judd walked off stage. Not long after, the singer reassured fans she was feeling better.

With Wynonna Judd tackling her food addiction and weight, what food is your guilty pleasure? Be sure to share your thoughts below.

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