LeAnn Rimes Relates To Britney Spears’ Rough Career History

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LeAnn is a singer, songwriter, and actress whose career started young. To be exact, her first contract was signed when she was only 13 years old. However, LeAnn had been performing since the age of seven. These are not exactly normal conditions for a young girl to grow into. Now, Rimes is ready to open up about it.

LeAnn Rimes Speaks Out About Britney Spears

Spears is someone well-known for her career, and not always in a good way. Many people view her as an artist abused and trapped by her family. Unfortunately, LeAnn was able to relate to that. In a recent interview with The Times, LeAnn Rimes opens up about her childhood and how much she relates to Britney Spears’ story. “I saw the Britney Spears documentary and was thinking, like, all these people that make money out of her and she has nothing to do with it. It’s just soul-sucking. That poor girl. That poor woman, really,” she states.


LeAnn Rimes Shares Her Story

LeAnn then goes into her own history, sharing her similar experience being under her father’s thumb. “Looking back, I think my dad did the best that he could. Parents managing a child is always a recipe for disaster. For me it became a business and I ended up not having parents. I was very gutsy, but I was in a contract that was really quite unfair and insane. I just wanted fairness.” Many young celebrities have found themselves in these sorts of situations, having family members mooching off of them. Putting that amount of money and responsibility into a child’s hands is obviously not responsible. However, they should be allowed freedom over their own work and the revenue and fame it may bring.

Rimes continues, “I was America’s sweetheart. People didn’t want to see me grow up and explore my sexuality… Good thing I was a teenager and had so much energy. Now I’d be curled up on the bed, not moving for days. Sometimes when I have busy days I get so triggered. It takes me right back to not being able to say no, not having control. I don’t feel like I stepped into my womanhood till the last five years. Learning to say no was probably the best thing in the world. I started to realise how disappointed I felt in myself when I did things that I just didn’t want to do.”

The story that Britney Spears and LeAnn Rimes share is unfortunately more common than most people may think. This is especially noticeable for social media influencers who are hardly old enough to own a phone. These young stars are stripped of their identity, money, and energy. It is admirable that LeAnn has opened up about her career struggles and put this problem in the light.

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