Dolly Parton & ‘9 to 5’ Still Take High Honors Among Favorite Office Songs

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Country music wonder and pandemic hero, Dolly Parton, loves to portray an angel in several of her acting roles.  Throughout the pandemic, Parton proves to be a real-life angel and a patron to humanity through her incomparable generosity and her embodiment of hope.  Even from her Tennessee basement at home, the “When Life Is Good Again” singer-songwriter sends out continuous messages of heart and humor as only Dolly Parton can do with her “Dollyisms 101.”

Nonetheless, once the public health emergency necessitated that kitchen tables transformed into virtual conference rooms as well as public school outlets, many typical employees forsook the office grind for gardening and all-day pajamas.  Now that many employers expect in the flesh attendance at the office, Dolly Parton still gets good news, as confirmed by a B and T Australia feature.  Even after more than four decades since her ultimate workplace theme song, “9 to 5,” dominated airwaves and movie screens, there’s nothing like a dose of Dolly Parton encouragement to pull anyone across the five o’clock finish line.

Dolly stays at the top with ‘9 to 5’

Believe it or not, research compiled through analysis of 100 Spotify playlists and rankings by employees by Pure Property Finance places Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” at #2 on the “work” or “office” associated playlists. Oddly enough, only the song “Crazy,” not by Patsy Cline (and written by Willie Nelson), but instead by the superstar soul duo, Gnarls Barkley (comprised of CeeLo Green and Danger Mouse) ranks above the Guinness World Record-honored Parton.  Her admonition to “pour myself a cup of ambition” before tackling morning meetings and massive e-mails still awakens many souls to dreams for a better life.

Other contenders on the list are dance and daydream-oriented in their own way, but not with the same dynamic, driving typewriter-beat created by Dolly Parton.  Rihanna’s “Diamonds” gives a girl at the reception desk something to dream about if a raise ever arrives.  “Kiss You” by One Direction fulfills another fantasy and keeps the tempo moving.  Taylor Swift rounds out the top 10 of the workplace with “Shake It Off,” to ease a rough evaluation from a supervisor.  All things considered, though, “9 to 5” inspires the try-again attitude with the spirited, down-home chutzpah that only Dolly Parton conveys.

In a Country Music Alley feature last month, Dolly Parton describes how her only disappointment in the historically successful 9 to 5 film, and its Oscar-earning title song, is that neither did “enough good” for working women, since issues of pay equality and advancement opportunity are dilemmas today, just as they were in the 80s.  Lasting change is very late and long in coming.

Dolly Parton has dynamite employee qualities

Despite having all the means she needs to live in comfort and peace, Dolly Parton possesses the same work ethic of her youth growing up on a farm.  The “Just Because I’m a Woman” songwriter conducts most of her business before the sunrise.  Additionally, she drives a tough bargain in any boardroom and takes exception with attendees who show up late.  “Everybody says if I’m on time, I’m late,” the habitually early superstar declares.

Speaking of making marvelous business deals, Dolly Parton is more than delighted for Whitney Houston to have credit for “I Will Always Love You” as her own, as Dolly reflects in a Showbiz CheatSheet profile. Above all aspects of her artistry, Dolly most deeply prizes her songwriting and she insists on retaining the rights to her songs, regardless of who the singer is.  She sees those rights as part of her legacy to her family.

Along with millions of listeners, Dolly Parton was dazzled to hear the beauty and power in Whitney Houston’s rendition of her ballad. “I had to pull off [the road] because I was afraid I would wreck,” Parton confesses to Oprah.  Houston made the song her own with her talent and interpretation.  Dolly Parton explains to The Real host, Loni Love, that “I don’t mind her having credit as long as I get my cash.” Countless fans consider the original version to be the most heartfelt and best.

Dolly decides to add some funk to her discography

One of the hallmarks of a true artist is the sense of daring to try something different.  Dolly Parton transitioned seamlessly from her love of country music to blending pop sensibility into her songs.  She opened the genre to all new listeners through her gifts, and never lost her love of true country roots.  Coincidentally, in August, Dolly Parton is one of the featured artists on Country Funk III, as revealed by Rolling StoneParton gets her groove on with “Sure Thing.”

The third installment in the series from Light in the Attic Records covers the span from 1975-1982.  The 1978 dance-craving, horn-driven tune from her Heartbreaker album pulsates with Dolly Parton attitude and fits right in with songs from fellow country music greats. Ronnie Milsap jumps in with “Get It Up” and Conway Twitty smolders with “Night Fires.”  Jerry Reed, Eddie Rabbitt, and Terry Gibbs are among other performers included in the release set for August 6.

Whether she minds the home fires, keeps the office humming, or goes high-stepping on the dance floor, Dolly Parton brings her one-of-a-kind presence.  Remember that Country Music Alley brings you the very latest on new music and news on the people who make it!  Give us a shout in the comments!

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